DFS server in a WAN

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Juan Carlos, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos Guest


    I've not used DFS yet, and we're evaluating using it over a WAN. I have some
    doubts about a possible solution to our problem with DFS.

    We have clients with a 64Kb link to Internet in small LANs, and we want them
    to be able to access the storage in a remote way. We don't want to have a
    local server in the LAN, so we want the clients to access to a remote sever
    (across a WAN).
    The client shall edit Word documents stored on this remote server. These
    documents (in general) will be small (no more than 150-200KB)

    a) Is it possible (reasonable) to have the DFS server across a WAN with
    these bandwidth (64Kb) or it will have too low performance?

    b) How does the client "cache" work in DFS?
    Does the client have a persistent cache?
    Is this caché intelligent and "asynchronous"? ( the synchronization of the
    file is not done "synchronously")

    Thanks for your help.

    Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos, Aug 6, 2004
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  2. Juan,

    A replicated DFS root is generally not recommended fro files which might be
    changed by multiple people due to potential replication conflicts. That
    aside, there's nothing preventing you from having the clients contact the
    servers over the 64K link. It will be slow though.

    As far as the cache, it does not cache the files, it just caches referrals
    to which server in the DFS the client should talk to.

    Brian Desmond
    Windows Server MVP

    Brian Desmond [MVP], Aug 9, 2004
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