DFS shares no longer working

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Garrett1226, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Garrett1226

    Garrett1226 Guest

    We have DFS shares for establishing our mapped drives across our 35 branch
    locations. Some of the DFS shares are in regional FRS replication sets for
    site-specific mapped drives.

    Yesterday, DFS shares just stopped working for some of our WinXP-SP2
    clients, but only for some. We are able to access the shares via the server
    names, but not DFS namespaces. The only thing that happened that was right
    before the failures started was that one of the servers that hosted some of
    the DFS shares was restarted and some of our Domain Controllers received some
    patches (W2K3-SP2). No patches were sent out to the clients between the time
    it was working and the time it stopped.

    The DFS console seems to think all is fine with its shares and some suers
    are not having any problems getting to the DFS shares - seems to be no rhyme
    or reason. We thought it may be related to the DC they were authenticated
    too - but we have rebooted those and cannot see any log entries that would
    denote a problem.


    Garrett1226, Dec 5, 2008
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  2. Garrett1226

    DaveMills Guest

    Did you try rebooting the clients.

    I have a problem on only one XP system (it is mine fortunately) Whenever one
    specific server is rebooted my workstation looses access to its shares. In this
    case it looses access to the \server\share which means that the DFS paths fail
    too. It can access any share on any other server and all other clients can
    access the rebooted server shares. A reboot on my workstation (XP SP3) always
    fixes the issue.

    Like you I have been banging my head but cannot find a cause. It does not look
    like exactly the same problem but it could be related.
    DaveMills, Dec 6, 2008
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  3. Garrett1226

    Rich Guest

    Do you happen to be runing Symantec AV or upgrade recently?

    I just did a migration that to DFS that the shares would disappear and stop
    working on a 2008 64bit server. It turned out to be Symantec AV. Once I
    uninstalled it completely everything was fine. Put in a call to MS support
    who confirmed that many were having this issue with AV on both windows 2003
    and 2008 32 or 64bit.

    Right now I am building another non prod server to do testing to see if we
    can get the problem worked out with Symantec. Versions according to the
    forums and MS affected are 10.2 and the new 11. Sym Patches did not work.

    Symptoms were that the shares would disappear for XP clients and at times
    even cause their machines to lock or explorer to restart. Access speed to
    shares would slow way down before eventually disappearing. Vista machines
    appeared to keep working. In the begginning we didnt have many on the
    server so it was crusing along fine but as we added users the problem
    started to appear daily.
    Rich, Dec 9, 2008
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