Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Brillmike, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Brillmike

    Brillmike Guest

    I have a need to use the most simple set up for DFS. I need to consolidate
    some files share on our netork to one share to support an application that
    maps a single drive letter.

    I have tested both the standlone setup and the domain setup and bot seem to
    do what i need.

    What is the differnces between the 2 setups?
    How do you manage security on the DFS share? I am collecting links to other
    share so i have a smaller subset of security there but how do i manage
    security to the DFS share?

    I am not using Windows R2 and do not plan on upgrading the production
    network, is using W2003, SP1 going to be an issue. IN the lab I have not run
    accross anything.

    As always, thanks in advance.
    Brillmike, Oct 8, 2007
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