DFSR problem - Event ID: 5002

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by johan, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. johan

    johan Guest

    Hi All

    I am having an issue trying to get DFSR working. Below is the error message
    I get when I run the diag report.

    Both servers are Windows 2003 SP1 R2 Ent

    Communication errors are preventing replication with AU-TSTMGMT005.
    Affected replicated folders: All replicated folders on this server.
    Description: DFS Replication cannot replicate with partner AU-TSTMGMT005
    due to a communication error. The DFS Replication service used partner DNS
    name AU-TSTMGMT005.au.opstest, IP address, and WINS address
    AU-TSTMGMT005 but failed with error ID: 5 (Access is denied.). Event ID: 5002

    DNS is working fine (forward and reverse lookup)
    RPC appears to be working fine (checked with portquery)
    There are no firewalls restricting access between the servers and the DC.

    Anyone got any idea what the problem could be?
    johan, Jan 25, 2008
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