Did WMCmd.vbs change recently to require correct input file extens

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by ilyaz, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. ilyaz

    ilyaz Guest

    I have been using WMCmd.vbs to convert audio and video files as follows:

    CScript.exe WMCmd.vbs -input inFN -output outFN

    However, I noticed that it started failing on files of some input formats if
    the extension of the input file does not match to the type. For instance, it
    so happens that files that I need to convert all come with extension "tmp".
    Before, it would properly convert all such files regardless of the format of
    that file. Now, at least for two two input formats -- MPEG and 3GP -- if I do
    not change the extension of the input to "mpg" or "3gp", respectively, then
    conversion fails with the "codec not found" error message. If I rename the
    same input file and change its extesnion to "3gp", conversion works fine. E.g.

    CScript.exe WMCmd.vbs -input input3GP.3gp -output output.wmv


    CScript.exe WMCmd.vbs -input input3GP.tmp -output output.wmv

    does not.

    Is this a recent change? In any case, is there an option that would allow me
    to convert correctly without worrying abut file extensions?

    ilyaz, Apr 27, 2010
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