Different OTA HD Problem than all others I think.

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Alan B, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Alan B

    Alan B Guest

    This week ABC went awol again. So went through the usual steps of changing
    the preference files etc . The last time I lost ABC this fixed the problem
    but this time full strength but still no picture.

    So I tried the Fusion HDTV software and this also could not find the channel
    on the frequency it is supposed to be either. ABC in my area should be
    Physical 55 , major 40 and Minor 1 but instead appears to have found it at
    Physical 55, Major 550 and Minor 1. Note the 3 digit major number. Fusion
    software can display it no problem.

    So now that I think that ABC is broadcasting on a different frequency how
    can I change MCE, it does not allow for 3 digit major numbers. I did add a
    dummy ABC digital channel 55, 50.1 then change the XML to 55, 550.1 it gets
    full strength but no picture also but I doubt it's really trying the 550

    Is it possible that ABC have just messed up some where and the Fusion
    software is not so picky with it's channels selection? Are there certain
    rules and there really should only be a 2 digit major channel number?
    AntennaWeb and titan still show it as 55, 40.1.

    Anyone else come across this problem.. I have a email into ABC but no reply

    and of course ABC is the OTA channel carrying the world cup. :-(
    Alan B, Jun 14, 2006
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  2. Richard Miller, Jun 14, 2006
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