Digital Cable Ready PC ?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by NL, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. NL

    NL Guest

    I'm trying to find a Digital Cable Ready PC from a major manufactor like
    Dell of HP but I cannot seem t find them. DELL XPS 410 seem to not be there
    any more!

    Did microsoft stop supporting Digital Cable or the y go tired of the issues
    relted to Digital Cable ?
    NL, Nov 11, 2007
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  2. Microsoft is still supporting Digital Cable tuners. If you can't find what
    you want from the vendor's web site try calling their sales number.
    Doug Knox - [MS-MVP], Nov 11, 2007
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  3. NL

    NL Guest

    Well, I called HP & DELL and they have decided not to sell their computers as
    Digital Cable Ready because they had to much trouble with the cable card.

    It looks like we are stuck with digital over the air at the moment until
    microsoft finds a stable solution.
    NL, Nov 12, 2007
  4. NL

    Curious Guest

    I suggest that you post a request on the mediacenter.digitalcable news group
    asking what cable card tuner systems, if any, are still available for sale.
    Curious, Nov 12, 2007
  5. NL

    NL Guest

    This is also the right place because I'm trying to find out if there is
    actually a Digital Cable Ready Media Center PC.
    NL, Nov 12, 2007
  6. Velocity Micro is still selling Digital Cable Ready systems. Niveus is, as
    well. A list of Digital Cable Ready partners from ATI can be found here.

    And as an FYI, the vast majority of the problems experienced are not with
    the Digital Cable Tuners or the PC, but the cable company and/or their

    Doug Knox, MS-MVP Windows Media Center\Windows Powered Smart
    Win 95/98/Me/XP Tweaks and Fixes
    Doug Knox - [MS-MVP], Nov 12, 2007
  7. NL

    Barb Bowman Guest

    HP's d4995t series is available with digital cable tuners. they've
    stopped selling DCT systems on their lower end m8100y series.


    Barb Bowman
    MS Windows-MVP
    Barb Bowman, Nov 12, 2007
  8. NL

    Art Guest

    I purchased the d4995t with an ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable tuner from HP and
    love it! They have additional models now. I've added 2 more DCT's, but
    can't find out how to add the 3rd. Any help there would be appreciated.
    Art, Dec 9, 2007
  9. NL

    roberta Guest

    My Dell XPS410 receives digital cable from comcast, but all the media center
    functionality is wasted. cannot record, cannot use the guide. at least i can
    still watch cable on my pc... snf
    does anyone know how to get the media center functionality back? i actually
    had the comcast technician come look at my setup to no avail.
    roberta, Feb 25, 2010
  10. NL

    Barb Bowman Guest

    you haven't really described your problem very well. do you have cable cards
    (that is what I would think but you were not explicit). did it ever work? what
    happens when you "cannot use the guide"? does the pc crash?

    Barb Bowman
    Barb Bowman, Feb 25, 2010
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