DirectX problem with WMP and ATI Radeon 7000 card.

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by John7690, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. John7690

    John7690 Guest

    I have been having a problem with WMP (both 9 and 10) not being able to play
    back video in either streaming or file modes. The audio would play but the
    video would not, and eventually WMP would hang and lock up the system.

    I traced the problem to my hardware acceleration. At the moment I have
    graphics hardware acceleration turned down so that Direct Draw and Direct 3D
    accelerations are disabled completely. This is the only setting that will
    allow WMP to run normally, this is setting #3 of 6 possible slider positions.
    It is described as the setting to use to "correct severe problems with
    DirectX accelerated applications."

    Is it fair to assume that this is a problem with the DirectX driver? Is
    there a fix for this? Can I download a new DirectX driver, and if so where
    should I go - ATI or Microsoft?

    I would appreciate any help you can give.

    If it matters, I'm running Windows XP Pro.

    Thanks in advance.

    John7690, Mar 15, 2005
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