disappearing task bar and start menu buttons at the bottom of scre

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by elisha, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. elisha

    elisha Guest

    i did updates from microsscoft updates and the start menu bar disapeared and
    i have no way to get the the control panels or other programs help
    how do i restore them whenit sets up windows it just has a blank screen
    and i have to use the task master to get to programs including my messenger
    ans yahoo
    elisha, Sep 13, 2007
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  2. It probably means that explorer.exe crashed.
    You can start it again using Task Manager's File menu.
    E.g. press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get a dialog to start it.

    BTW always disclose your OS and version when you ask for help.
    Otherwise post in a newsgroup where such information might be inferred.


    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Sep 14, 2007
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  3. elisha

    ShermanJ Guest


    I have the same problem and need more informtion on how to solve the
    problem. I went to the task manager, but didn't know what to do next.

    BTW, my OS is Windows XP Professional.
    ShermanJ, Sep 30, 2007

  4. Switch to the Processes tab. Check to see if explorer.exe is running.
    If it isn't; start it using the File New... command (or by switching to the
    Applications tab and using the New Task... button.

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle, Oct 1, 2007
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