Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by William, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. William

    andydied Guest

    I've noticed on my Intel box, running Vista Ultimate 32-Bit with 1,5Gb RAM
    using my Kingmax 4Gb USB Stick for "Ready Boost"
    that my PC is FASTER without the USB Ready Boost Stick.
    Now why will that be?
    I was under the impression that Vista will first test the "throughput" speed
    before allowing the USB Stick to be used as a ready boost device.

    This is definately the case, as I've tried it several times.
    USB ports are definately listed as USB2....
    andydied, Sep 1, 2007
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  2. the reason as you can see in the task manager(i tryed it my self and found
    the same conclusion that you did) is the cpu is processing or working a lot
    more, because it uses a file to use as ram, so the cpu need to process the
    info in the file. it's another proof that microsoft lied to us again.
    jonathan perreault, Sep 1, 2007
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  3. William

    Joe Allocco Guest

    I started using Vista Business at the beginning of August and I am dual
    booting with XP Pro. Vista is installed on it's own HD. The system is a
    2.8Ghz P4, with 1GB memory. I'm also using a 4GB Sony USB flash drive for
    ReadyBoost, assigning 3GB of the drive for that purpose.

    To date, I've noticed no major gains in performance that I could say
    outweigh the performance of XP Pro. However, Vista is more streamlined,
    smoother fonts, I really like Aero. All my applications run as flawlessly as
    they do on XP. I'm not a gamer, so I can't comment on things like that.
    Office 2007 applications, my few graphics programs ( IE Micrografix,
    Photoshop ) run just fine. All Adobe products are running, connection to my
    business server, internet, and FTP sites are all running.

    I was never a fan of factory pre-installed OS's, especially one that comes
    from Dell. I'm in the IT business, so for people "in the know" and folks
    with knowledge of loading an OS from scratch with none of the "fluff" that
    PC makers like the Dell's and Gateways of the world install, I would venture
    to guess William, that your system is really a slave to performance right
    out of the box. I've blown out countless factory installed OS's ( along with
    all their useless software packages ) for work, clients, friends and family
    over the last dozen years or so. Whenever Windows ( enter version of your
    choice here ) is installed as a complete, or "New" installation ( i'm not a
    fan of upgrade versions ) you have the basics of the OS ready for you to
    install what YOU NEED, not what the manufacturer packages for you. It's all
    smoke and mirrors, and fluff. It's also their way of fooling you into
    thinking you've gotten a great bang for your buck. All the "productivity"
    software that they pre-install, is really counter-productive in my eyes.
    Let's not even mention all the security applications that they will
    pre-install for you. They're in the business to sell PC's, and they have to
    make purchasing a PC a very "non-scary" scenario for consumers.
    Modifications to the Vista OS ( or any OS for that matter ) that have come
    pre-installed from any of the big names that sell PC's, is like putting a
    silk hat on a pig. Blow the system out, and re-install Vista ( not from
    their recovery CD ) fresh. You'll see a big difference.
    Joe Allocco, Sep 2, 2007
  4. god dam that's a long message, by the way i recommend not using ready boost,
    i don't know if you saw a difference but i tried it and other people told me
    there system was running slower after and i agree
    jonathan perreault, Sep 2, 2007
  5. William

    andydied Guest

    Hello Joe Allocco
    Have you tried removing the USB stick from your system
    and let Vista work without it ?

    If you see no change in speed (operational smoothness) while doing
    your normal tasks on Vista..... then the USB Ready Boost thing does not work
    for you.

    IF however you see that Vista becoms sluggish, slow, and awful to use...
    and returns to "normal" when you put the USB Ready Boost back in
    then my friend the Ready boost is working OK in your scenario.

    For me, I see a decrease in speed / smoothness of operation when I use ready
    I will retry ready boost sometime when I purchase some other USB stick.
    It's perhaps the performance of the stick that's the problem.
    (I MUST add, that Vista is happy with the performance of the stick when
    testing it)

    Have a GOOD Day
    andydied, Sep 3, 2007
  6. William

    Drew Guest

    I have said it before and I will state again that " I will put this machine
    up against any xp machine and this one will smoke it every time
    !!"....Number 1 reason ..This is not a prebuilt prestuffed with crap machine
    that one would buy from ANY computer store but home built and no crap
    add-ons that they are all famous for...I do not run Norton or MacAfee
    garbage either which tends to kill the performance of even a up
    machine....One gets tired of hearing about the slowness of other people's
    machines and them blaming Vista when it is generally there fault for buying
    a machine that was dead to begin with....Also if you match op system for op
    system from day 1 then Vista is by far the better operating system.....

    Specs are as follows
    Running Vista Business since Day1
    Twin 160 gig Seagate Barracuda's in a Raid 0 format
    Intel E6700 2.66 core 2 processor
    Intel D975XBX2 "Bad Axe" motherboard
    4 gigs of Kingston HyperX DDR800 ram
    2 ATI X1950 Crossfire Video cards
    Logitech's Quick cam ultra
    Logitech's Z5300E sound system
    Dell 24" digital flat panel monitor
    Razer's Death Adder laser mouse
    Saitek's Eclipse keyboard
    Saitek's X-52 flight system
    Logitech's G-25 racing wheel
    My games run like butter on this machine ,, All my software applications
    run better,,faster and more stable....When I walk away for 10 minutes or 10
    days it goes to sleep but it instantly responds to a flick of the mouse...
    whether I am surfing,,working or playing it is just faster than xp was on
    the same machine....I just moved those hard drives to another box so my
    grandkids could use it and installed new drives with Vista and NEVER a
    problem since........ Just my 3 cents................
    Drew, Sep 27, 2007
  7. William

    Kurt Herman Guest

    Same here, Drew. Quite happy with Vista. I'm willing to bet that at LEAST
    80% of Vista users are in the same boat. Of course a 20% dissatisfaction
    rate is not too good, but I doubt if any version of windows has been above

    With the millions of copies of Vista running, I'd say there are a LOT of
    satisfied customers out there.

    It is all about the majority. You can't please everyone, and only a fool
    even tries to.

    Any of the differences in Vista, that some users don't like, were carefully
    and VERY expensively researched by MS before implementing them. The don't
    sit around throwing darts at a board to figure out what random change they
    could put in to piss people off.

    They put in changes that MOST of their customers want. Not just the "expert"
    users, not just the "corporate" users, not just the "home" users, but the
    widest selection of all of them. That's where the profits are.

    There are changes they made that I don't care for, but I learn how to work
    with them, or around them, because the rest of the positives far outweigh
    the negatives, which aren't really negatives, just different from what I
    would have liked, but are undoubtedly what MS has determined what the
    majority wants.

    Kurt Herman, Sep 27, 2007
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