discrepancy between client and WSUSadmin

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by robertlake, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. robertlake

    robertlake Guest

    WSUSadmin reports that one of my clients (a WIN2003-SP1 server - a WSUS
    server, in fact...if that matters) NEEDS KB928090; however, I verified on the
    client that that update was installed - Eventlogs and Add/Remove Programs
    both indicate so.

    In WSUSAdmin, the last detection result is current and error free.

    Any advice on clearing this discrepancy, or why it may be occurring?
    robertlake, Mar 6, 2007
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  2. First, try

    wuauclt /detectnow

    and see what WindowsUpdate.log says.

    It's possible that the update has been corrupted somehow. Try using MBSA 1.2.1
    in verbose mode and see what it says. (Side note: it's a shame that MBSA 1.2.1
    is being dropped; MBSA 2 is not an adequate replacement in a number of respects.)

    You could also check the file versions as listed in the knowledge base article.

    Harry Johnston, Mar 6, 2007
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