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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by Boblink, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Boblink

    barman58 Guest

    OK just for your info ...

    According to their site all lenovo machines ship from the factory with
    the following partitions to the hard drive installed

    C: system drive containing windows 30GB
    Hidden EISA recovery disk 18-20GB
    D: Drive - data drive Remaining Space on the drive

    this would be displayed in the disk manager as Disk0

    Your screen shot shows this except that the d: drive has been further
    partitioned into D:, E:, F:, G:, & H: Drives.

    It does not show *any *indication of an external drive

    The full command set for the diskpart Command Line utility is 'Here'

    The specific instructions for deleting an EISA partition is 'Here'

    -*Deleting the EISA partition will remove your ability to perform a
    OneKey system restore*-.

    hope this clarifies what I read your Screen shot to be indicating, all
    the best


    the beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not
    understand.,- frank herbert
    barman58, Sep 21, 2008
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  2. Boblink

    Boblink Guest

    Thank you for ALL your help Nigel, I appreciate the Lenovo information,
    which I am familar with since (for no apparent reason) they shipped the
    system with the OS, OneKey and OneKey Backups, on a 30GB "C" Drive
    although they had a 270GB "D" available. After numerous complaintts they
    came up with a patch, which I installed this morning and then started
    encountering my self inflicted problems.
    In any event, a couple of comments / questions.
    You that that "Your screen shot shows this except that the d: drive has
    been further partitioned into D:, E:, F:, G:, & H: Drives". True, I
    partitioned the "D" Drive into seperate Drives / Partitions for:
    Programs, Data files, Photos and BU Files.
    -*You also wrote :Deleting the EISA partition will remove your ability
    to perform a OneKey system restore",*- which makes NO SENSE to me since
    this Partition is on the External Drive which I created (not Lenovo).
    Am I missing something?
    Also, for some reason the External Drive does NOT appear when I click
    on Start ---> Computer (it DID appear until I started playing around
    with things).
    I also re-named the External Drive, could it be that the new Drive
    letter ("Z" Drive") for the External Drive (that INCLUDES the 16.08
    EISA), won't show up until I restart my system?
    Thanks again for the great help.
    Boblink, Sep 21, 2008
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  3. Boblink

    SIW2 Guest


    Thanks for having a look Nigel.

    He has 8 volumes listed at the top of the Disk management window, but
    only 7 allocated to Disk 0. Like you, I would have expected to see his
    external hd allocated to Disk 1.

    Bob - now I've looked at your screenshot again, I wonder if your
    external drive is allocated as Disk 4 or 5 - i.e. off the bottom of the

    Could you go into Disk Management and scroll down the bottom window and
    if you find your external drive there, post another screenshot? (Might
    be a good idea to restart before doing that.)

    You might find it is still showing the full amount of drive space.

    Thanks SIW2
    SIW2, Sep 21, 2008
  4. Boblink

    barman58 Guest

    Yes I think it's a good idea to reboot.

    if windows can't see the external drive then there is no way that Disk
    management or Diskpart will be able to do anything to it.

    This is where my confusion stems from, as the screen shot you provided
    shows the internal drive only, deleting the EISA partition ON THIS DRIVE
    will stop the recovery process working.

    If you could reboot and post another screenshot that shows the both
    drives I should hopefully be able to guide you further.

    As for the 30GB system drive on the lenovo, Which if the size is
    changed will also stop the recovery process, hopefully lenovo with the
    patch issued are finally listening to their users - its been an issue
    around the lenovo forums for some time now


    the beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not
    understand.,- frank herbert
    barman58, Sep 21, 2008
  5. Boblink

    Boblink Guest

    Hello again Nigel and crew, thank you all so much for your help.
    I have attached a copy of Disk 5 (you were right) along with
    Start--->Computer showing the Drives on my system.
    Very confusing, the External Drive appears on the Disk Manager List but
    not on My Computer.
    Thanks, Bob
    Boblink, Sep 21, 2008
  6. Boblink

    barman58 Guest

    sorry bob no attachment this end can you re-post please

    as for the drive not showing in my computer that would suggest the
    drive is not formatted


    the beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not
    understand.,- frank herbert
    barman58, Sep 21, 2008
  7. Boblink

    SIW2 Guest

    Hi Bob

    Great - only we didn't get the screenshot

    Sorry to have to ask you to post that second jpeg screenshot again
    Didn't see you'd asked for it , sorry Nige

    SIW2, Sep 21, 2008
  8. Boblink

    Boblink Guest

    Valid file extensions: bat bmp doc exe gif jpe jpeg jpg log nfo pdf png
    psd reg swf txt vbs zip

    [image: http://www.vistax64.com/images/styles/vista/attach/jpg.gif]
    'Disk Manager and System.jpg'
    (242.2 KB)

    Additional Options, Attach Files reads "
    Valid file extensions: bat bmp doc exe gif jpe jpeg jpg log nfo pdf
    png psd reg swf txt vbs zip

    http://www.vistax64.com/images/styles/vista/attach/jpg.gif] 'Disk
    Manager and System.jpg'
    (242.2 KB)" so I assume that it will work.

    |Filename: Disk Manager and System.jpg |
    |Download: http://www.vistax64.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=6723 |
    Boblink, Sep 21, 2008
  9. Boblink

    barman58 Guest

    ok bob that looks better

    do you he data on the Z drive?

    if you don't it would probably be best to delete the first partition on
    DRIVE 5 and create a new partition covering the whole drive.

    if you have data on the drive it should allow you to extend your
    partition into the unallocated space


    the beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not
    understand.,- frank herbert
    barman58, Sep 21, 2008
  10. Boblink

    SIW2 Guest

    If it was me, I would right click drive z and extend it to it's full
    size , as Nigel says (not sure why that unallocated space is showing as
    black though ).

    Then make whatever partitions I wanted on z - then copy the stuff from
    the logical drives onto it.

    Then delete the Disk0 logical drives and the extended partition
    containing them.

    Then extend the C partition to it's full extent. (keeping the Eisa
    partition, of course ).

    I think what you were after is a bigger C partition?

    SIW2, Sep 21, 2008
  11. Boblink

    Boblink Guest

    Sorry about the previous attachment, second time is the charm
    To answer your question about data on the (External) "Z" Drive, I DON'
    As we've discussed, the "Z" Drive is an External Drive, so I can remov
    it by disconnecting the UBS cable, but I can't "see" the "Z" Drive o
    my computer
    It only appears when I open Disk Manager but I am unable to see its
    I restarted my computer and disconnected and reconnected the "Z" Driv
    but it pulled a Houdini (disappeared)
    Boblink, Sep 21, 2008
  12. Boblink

    Boblink Guest

    Hi SIW2, the only problem is that I have LOTS of (historical) Backup
    data on the External Drive that I do NOT want to lose. I may move the
    "Z" Drive to another computer (that one has Xp) and see what appears /
    what I can do but right now it's a mystery.
    Boblink, Sep 21, 2008
  13. Boblink

    Boblink Guest

    *For information purposes, this is a little backround information abou
    my system from Lenovo:

    Lenovo creates three partitions on the installed Hard Disk Drive
    · The smaller drive commonly known as the _C_ drive whic
    contains Windows and your pre-installed software. The _C_ drive shoul
    NOT be resized otherwise your _OneKey_ recovery may no longer operate
    · The larger drive known as the _D_ drive which is ready fo
    storing your personal data files such as videos, music, pictures etc
    Both the _C_ and _D_ drives are visible in Windows but the _D_ drive i
    MUCH larger to hold all your personal data. The _C_ drive should NOT b
    resized otherwise your _OneKey_ recovery may no longer operate
    · The _Service_Partition_ (the partition without a driv
    letter) is used by the _OneKey_ recovery system to backup and recove
    the _C_ partition. This -invisible- partition requires only 18GB to 20G
    of HDD space. The service partition should NOT be deleted otherwise you
    _OneKey_ recovery will no longer operate

    *And here is what I have done since my last POST
    I disconnected the External ?Z" Drive and my system was able to boo
    just fine and appears to operate as it did when the **External Drive*
    was connected
    I created a OneKey Backup with the **External Drive** disconnected so
    have to beliece that the 18GB Partition (that I inadvertently created
    is NOT "associated" with the Lenovo OneKey Recovery program
    I am going to try and connect the **External Drive** to another syste
    (Toshiba Laptop) to see if the Drive is recognized on that system an
    will report back later
    Thank* *you again for your help and patients guys
    Boblink, Sep 22, 2008
  14. Boblink

    Boblink Guest

    Hello again guys, I disconnected the External Drive from the Lenovo
    system and connected it to a WindowsXp system and an 58.3GB "H"
    Drive(with ALL my backup files) appeared on the My Computer.
    I find this very VERY strange for two reasons, first this is a 80GB HD
    and "only" 58.3GB are recognized, the remainder of the Drive was
    Partitioned by me yesterday, it appears as EISA on (Administrative) Disk
    Manager and is "invisible" to me on the Lenovo syste.
    Second, althought I am unable to "see" the Drive on the Lenovo system,
    it appears (at least 58.3GB of it do), on another system.
    TOO much for a non techie to comprehend so I am at your mercy for HELP.
    Boblink, Sep 22, 2008
  15. Boblink

    SIW2 Guest

    Hi Bob

    Thanks for the update - many laptop manufacturers have a similar syste
    , although they use different names for their recovery systems

    Lenovo put their recovery program on what they label the C partitio
    (along with their other pre-installed programs and the windows operatin

    Obviously, they don't recommend messing with this C drive in case yo
    delete or overwrite that recovery program.

    ( Merely extending the C drive will not damage any programs on it
    however, if the resizing involved deleting that partition, or formattin
    the existing volume, then it would - it is easier for them to say don'
    touch it )

    When you start that recovery program ( which they call Onekey ), i
    heads off to get the files it needs to restore your machine to factor
    condition. These files are kept on a separate partition. They call thi
    the Service partition

    This Service partition is on your internal hard drive, it is no
    visible in Windows ( i.e. in the Computer window - but it will b
    visible in Disk Management ), it does not have a drive letter and i
    18-20gb in size

    The partition that fits that description is the Eisa partition -
    don't recommend deleting this

    It looks to me as if the copy of Onekey you made is the last logical
    green )drive on the right in your first screenshot of Disk Management
    which you have named Onekey and given drive letter of K

    Hope this help

    SIW2, Sep 22, 2008
  16. Boblink

    SIW2 Guest

    Hi Bob,

    Thought I'd do two posts or it would be too long.

    As to your second post - if you look at the second screenshot you sent
    us, you will see that your Lenovo machine listed your external drive as
    58.42gb primary and 16.11gb unallocated.

    This means Windows can see and use the 58.42gb partition, and it can
    see, but not use, the 16.11gb partition. This is normally because the
    unusable partition has not been formatted in a way that Windows can

    The "cure" for this is normally to right click and format the
    unallocated partition as NTFS, and assign it a drive letter - to create
    a new usable partition of 16.11gb. The alternative would normally be to
    extend the 58.42gb partition to the right to incorporate this
    unallocated space and make the external drive just one big partition.

    The reason it shows in Disk Management as less than 80gb in total is
    that drive manufacturers have a more generous way of measuring GB than
    operating systems do.

    I am not as familiar with Xp , but to see what is going on on your Xp
    machine, could you please send a screenshot of it's Disk Manangement


    SIW2, Sep 22, 2008
  17. Boblink

    Boblink Guest

    Hey SIW, thank you for the VERY detailed explanation, to a confused soul
    like me, EVERYTHING helps! One very minor correction to your narrative,
    the Lenovo system is s Desktop, the (Toshiba) Laptop is what I used to
    "test" the External Drive but everything that you described about the
    "Laptop" (really a Desktop) remains the same and gives me a better
    understand of "what's what".
    I'm attaching another scan '9 22.jpg'
    (223.4 KB) that I took a few minutes ago where Disk Manager shows Disk 5
    to contain the infamous "Z" Drive with 58.42GB AND 16.11GB of
    Unallocated Space which is DIFFERENT that it was yesterday when it was
    labeled EISA.
    Just to keep everything straight, this morning I REMOVED the External
    Drive from the Desktop and plugged it into a Laptop. After I checked
    that the contents of the External Drive were intact and that "only"
    58.42GB "appeared" when I opened MY Computer on the Laptop, I plugged it
    back into the Lenovo Desktop and the Lenovo system recognized the
    External Drive as "new hardware".
    Again, I am not a teckie so this is my "novice assumption", if I FORMAT
    the Partition that I inadvertently created and that I want to eliminate,
    I will be able to EXTEND the "Z" Drive and add the additional space
    (that is currently Unallocated).
    If this is correct, I could appreciate help as to HOW to Format the
    Unallocated Space since FILE and ACTION on the Pulldown Menu do NOT
    offer this option.
    If this assumption is WAY off line, then I would appreciate your
    thoughts / suggestions / advice.
    Thanks again for ALL your help guys,
    Pain in the &^%$, Bob

    |Filename: 9 22.jpg |
    |Download: http://www.vistax64.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=6744 |
    Boblink, Sep 22, 2008
  18. Boblink

    Boblink Guest

    OK guys, if I was confused before, I don't know what you would call m
    know! I decided to change the letter of the "Z" Drive and assigned i
    as "H" Drive and low and behold, it popped-up on My Computer (se
    My concern is that it is in RED while everything else (all the Drives
    are in BLUE
    This is WAY beyond my computer literacy level so your help would b
    graetly appreciated
    Thanks, Bo
    'New News about the Z DRIVE.jpg
    (166.2 KB

    |Filename: New News about the Z DRIVE.jpg
    |Download: http://www.vistax64.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=6745
    Boblink, Sep 22, 2008
  19. Boblink

    SIW2 Guest

    Hi Bob

    In Disk management, right click on the the actual unallocated volume i
    the bottom window and see what options that gives you

    SIW2, Sep 22, 2008
  20. Boblink

    Boblink Guest

    Hey guys, I Formatted the Unallocated Space and if I can only Merge /
    Extend / Combine / ...... this with the existing "H" Drive (i.e. old "Z"
    Drive), I think I'll be all set (and get out of your guys hair)!
    Oh, I almost forgot, this Drive is displayed in RED which I am assume
    means something and I have to assume that something is not something
    In any event, two last questions then, how do I COMBINE the Extended
    Drive components (that current are an "H" Drive and New Volume) and what
    does a RED bar on the Drive represent and if it is a problem, how do I
    fix it.
    Thanks again guys,

    |Filename: Extend.jpg |
    |Download: http://www.vistax64.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=6747 |
    Boblink, Sep 22, 2008
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