Diskeeper causes the Microsoft Management Console to stop working.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Paul (Bornival), Jan 20, 2008.

  1. I have installed Diskeeper (2008, Vista Compatible) on a Sony Vaio TX5XN
    Intel Core Solo CPU with 1.5 GB RAM running Vista business). I have the
    following problem:

    - when I click on the shortcut, Diskeeeper triggers the launching of the
    Microsoft Management Console (MMC);
    - then, the User Account Control (UAC) asks me to authorize the running of
    MMC, which I do (I have administrator rights on my computer)
    - then Diskeeper opens, BUT immediately thereafter, I get a message telling
    me that MMC has stopped working, that Windows is checking for a solution to
    the problem, but that it does not find it, and that it will close the program
    and notify me if a solution is available ...
    - then Diskeeper closes ...

    I checked the followings (but to no avail)
    - installing and running without any firewall or Antivirus programme: no
    difference (always the same problem)
    - opening the MMC and, from, there trying to run Diskeeper: MMC will
    immediatly stop.

    The Diskeeer technician suggested to disable UAC, whih I did (and rebooted
    the machine) but this did not help.

    He the suggested me to run the SystemFileChecker (sfc.exe /scannow) or to
    delete/re-extract the possibly corrupt ntvdm files.

    I have used "sfc /scannow" quite often and sucessfully with WinXP but
    hesitate to do it for this VISTA machine because Vaio computers are sold with
    a preinstalled VISTA WITHOUT CDs (the user must do a backup him-self). And
    it is my experience with WinXP that "sfc /scannow" asks for the original CD...

    Any suggestion ?
    Paul (Bornival), Jan 20, 2008
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  2. Hi,

    Eventually Diskeepr helpdesk instructed me to check whether digit grouping
    was on (at regional and language selection). When I turned it on, Diskeeper
    could start. When I turned i off again (no digit groupin) MCC crashed...
    every time Diskeeper was launched.

    Does anyone has an explanation ? Sloppy programming by Diskeeper engineers ?
    Paul (Bornival), Jan 21, 2008
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