Dismissing/Snoozing Reminders Syncs only one way

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Triny, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Triny

    Triny Guest

    Hi Folks

    I have a wierd problem....nothing surprising! When I dismiss or snooze a
    reminder or task on my Treo, the change does not carry over to my desktop(s).
    I sync with two laptops - one at work and other at home. Not sure if this
    makes a difference but i have Office 2003 on my work machine and Office XP
    Pro on my home machine. All normal syncs go both ways ie. creating tasks,
    calendars etc, just the dismissing or snooze on the Treo does not Sync up
    with either of my computers! Has anyone faced this problem? If not any

    I Create a calendar item on my desktop and set a reminder.
    Then i sync with my Treo
    The calendar item shows up in my treo
    I wait for the reminder to pop up on both my computer and treo
    I dismiss the reminder on my treo
    Do a Sync
    The reminder on treo goes away
    The reminder on the desktop STAYS!

    The problem i am facing is i have atleast 10 reminders a day and sometimes i
    work for a week without my computer. While on the road i dismiss reminders
    and once i get back to work/home and Sync i need to dismiss the reminders all
    over again on my work or my home computer. This is becoming a bit tedious.

    Here are some details:
    # Treo 700wx (sprint)
    # Home Computer: Win XP Pro SP2 + Office 2003 + ActiveSync 4.5
    # Work Computer: Win 2000 Pro + Office 2002 (XP) + ActiveSync 4.5
    # Sync using Infrared on both computers.


    Triny, Jun 28, 2007
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  2. Triny

    Triny Guest

    This is what i heard from Techsupport on Palm Forums - "Snoozing a Reminder
    on a Treo does not remove the checkmark from the reminder which is the only
    thing that syncs to Outlook. The Reminders subsystem for Treo runs
    completely seperate from the reminders subsystem for Outlook. Also
    Activesync does not really interact with Outlook directly but infact
    interacts with the PST file via Outlook so unless Outlook is OPEN during sync
    changes that are registered in the index file are only things that sync. Now
    there could be a problem with muliple index files for Calendar residing on
    the Device (ie 2 partnerships set to do calendar) as Microsoft intended 1 PIM
    to sync to 1 PC so Contacts can sync to Windows PC, Email can sync to EAS and
    Calendar can sync to Windows PC 2 but it was never designed to do Calendar to
    mutliple partnerships which could cause a conflict within device. Supressing
    reminders in Outlook will transfer that rule to Treo and the only way to
    dismiss or snooze a reminder in outlook is if the application is open so if
    you travel and shut down Outlook then it is going to exhibit the behavior
    your describing. Even if you go into Activesync and uncheck calendar for 1
    partnership and checkmark the other partnership you are disassociating the
    pim.vol file for the device each time you do that so that will also mess up
    any "syncing" of reminder changes such as snoozing or dismissing for that
    Triny, Jul 9, 2007
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