Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by skerdoba, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. skerdoba

    skerdoba Guest

    Several vendors (Buffalo, QNAP) are touting their DLNA capabilities and
    compatibility with the Xbox 360. I haven't seen DLNA in action so I may not
    have a full grasp of what it will do for me. My general understanding is
    that the DLNA protocol allows direct transfer of media content from the
    DLNA-enabled storage device to the DLNA-enabled playback device. My

    1) The drives from Buffalo and QNAP are NAS appliances and as such cannot be
    defined as media storage locations in Vista Media Center (ok, at least not
    without hacking and headaches). With that in mind, are the DLNA capabilities
    of these NAS drives of any use to Media Center? Even if I record tv shows to
    a local drive and batch them to the NAS in the wee hours, wouldn't playback
    still have to occur through the Media Center front end? If that's the case,
    then DLNA is not being used at all, right?
    2) Since the Xbox 360 is DLNA enabled, I assume it would "find" media files
    stored on DLNA NAS appliances and could play them back without passing
    through the Vista PC. In that scenario, wouldn't I lose the pause, rewind,
    ff, etc. capabilties of the Media Center interface/remote control? Or does
    the Xbox game controller provide those functions also?
    3) Many forum posters advise against using NAS appliances as media storage
    locations, claiming that playback performance will be degraded for various
    reasons (congestion, unreliability, overall speed, etc.) but I haven't seen
    anyone say "except in DLNA configurations". That leads me to wonder if DLNA
    is a lot of hype that doesn't really work? On the flip side, I wonder if the
    naysayers are assuming people are attempting play media across corporate
    networks with hundreds of PCs competing for bandwidth. It's hard for me to
    imagine network congestion being an issue on a typical home network with 3 or
    4 PCs browsing the internet and one them streaming media from a NAS device.

    My questions may seem off topic for this forum, but they all originate from
    my desire to start using Vista Media Center. I have it, I'm just not sure
    how I can use it yet and want to make sure I understand its capabilities and
    limitations before I invest in a NAS applicance. I don't want to pay for
    DLNA capabilities if they are of no use to Media Center.
    skerdoba, Oct 31, 2007
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  2. skerdoba

    kwcarlberg Guest

    I am very interested if you find answerrs to these questions elsewhere .....
    I am waiting to purchase a NAS until I figure out the useablility issues.
    BTW, if your network is setup correctly, it would take more then 3 or 4 PC
    all using Media Center to impact network resources ..... that cannot be the
    bottle neck ... sounds more like how each of these devices leverage the
    network is the issue we ned to plan around :)
    kwcarlberg, Nov 11, 2007
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