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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by DennisT, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. DennisT

    DennisT Guest

    I am running SBS2003 on a multi-homed server. I want the DNS Server to serve
    both internal and external DNS requests. I am having problems with this.

    The local network, prucalifornia.local, is resolving just fine. I can
    resolve from the server itself. However, when I try to test DNS from an
    external IP with nslookup,

    nslookup www.ceptive.com

    the tool times out. It "can't find the server name for" is NOT the authoritative DNS server for ceptive.com, but the
    DNS server running on is configured as the authoritative server
    for ceptive.com.

    I've set DNS to listen on both internal and external IPs for DNS requests?

    Can anyone help me here? I want to test my server's ability to answer
    external DNS requests before I put it in service. I don't know where to go
    from here. Eventually, I want to serve up multiple websites from this server.

    Thank you.
    DennisT, Dec 6, 2004
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  2. Don't do that. The MS DNS server is supposed to serve ad records,
    these are now leeking out onto the world if someone is clever enough
    to try this, giving all manner of information. I run a similar setup
    as you do, but have the external IP (a multihomed config in my case as
    it is all behind a firewall), and use Simple DNS Plus for the external
    At least you give proper info, I am also getting this, are you sure
    port forwarding is working ok (you need UDP forwarded on port 53 for
    this to work).
    Ignore that, it is just timing out.
    Either there is an issue with your firewall or something is
    firewalling the requests on the SBS side. Possibly the SBS internal
    firewall? I have never used it so can't help. As I say, however,
    that is a very sensible default, both having MS DNS listening on the
    internal IP and also having the firewall block it, its done for a good
    reason. If it messes up, you can have all sorts of issues. As I said
    have been running my way since June with 0 problems.

    Andrew Hodgson, Dec 6, 2004
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