DNS appears to be broken - AD not working properly

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Brian Marsh, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Brian Marsh

    Brian Marsh Guest


    we are having some problems on our SBS 2003 SP1. Looking at the event logs,
    there are issues with finding the server when logging on for services such
    as LDAP and kerberos.

    Looking at the DNS manager, the DNS of the server appears to contain no
    information for SRV records such as _gc, _ldap, _kerberos and _kpasswd.
    Also, all the zone files under _tcp _udp etc also appear to be missing when
    I compare our DNS setup to a friends. The only zone files that exist are the
    A records for the local domain (subtv.local) and SOA and NS records under

    Looking into this with my very limited knowledge of AD, these records appear
    to pretty vital to smooth running of AD.

    Should I be adding these records back in manually or is there a better way
    to get the server to re-write all the necessary zone information for the AD
    to run properly?

    Any help would be appreciated - I have 30 users who have very limited
    services from their clients.


    Brian Marsh
    Brian Marsh, Jun 13, 2006
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  2. Make sure the server nic properties point to the internal nic IP for DNS.
    There should be no other DNS server listed.

    Then open a cmd prompt, and do these commands:

    net stop netlogon
    net start netlogon

    That should get the DNS records to appear.

    The only place that ISP-supplied DNS Server values should be used
    _anywhere_ in an SBS network is in the CEICW, and they're optional there
    (SBS can use the root servers and work it all out for itself).
    Steve Foster [SBS MVP], Jun 13, 2006
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