DNS failover for active sync users at DR site

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by Senshine, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Senshine

    Senshine Guest

    Hello, We have a DR site which has our servers replicated to it. With a few
    ip changes we can boot up exchange and other machines which gives users
    access to resources. However my question is for our active sync and iphone
    users. Our active sync users point to exchangefrontend.domain.com to get
    there active sync access. That domain name resolves to our FE at the primary
    site and DNS is controlled by our ISP.

    How can we set it up so that our activesync users can resolve to that same
    dns name in a DR event since exchangefrontend.domain.com will have a new IP

    As of now we have to notify our ISP to change the IP adress of that A record
    which can take up to 16 hours for us. Is there a way to do some type of
    failover for exchangefrontend.domain.com to automatically resolve to the
    different external IP which is on the DR side?

    This was one recommendation but im not sure if my isp supports this.

    "have them delegate a subzone to your Global loadbalancer (lb.domain.com)
    then CNAME anything you need to wide IP (exchange.domain.com CNAME =

    Senshine, Dec 29, 2009
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