DNS suffix and "change primary DNS suffix when domain membership c

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by kwb, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. kwb

    kwb Guest

    Problem: If I go to system properties \computer name tab. "change" button
    and then on the "Computer Name/Domain Changes" hit the more button.
    Fill in a value for "primary DNS suffix of this computer" and uncheck
    "change primary DNS suffix when domain membership changes" and click ok twice.

    Vista comes back with an error:
    Computer Name/Domain Changes:

    The following error occurred attempting to change the DNS suffix
    synchronization flag:

    Access is denied.

    I am still in a workgroup at this point, using DHCP to get my IP address.

    This was no problem with any past clients.
    Background: We don't use DDNS. When we join a machine to AD, as part of the
    procedure we uncheck the "change primary DNS suffix when domain membership
    changes", so the computer entries in the ad do not have the suffix for our AD
    in the distinguishedname field, we typically put our "department's dns
    suffix" as the "Primary DNS suffix of this computer" the suffix. So the
    distinguishedname in the computer record will have the dns suffix for our
    department. Then if the computer really needs to be found, we register it in
    the Unix DNS. (We still have WINS running but that is another story and helps
    make this mess work.)
    kwb, Mar 1, 2007
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