Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by Eldingo, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Eldingo

    Eldingo Guest

    Hello All:

    I need to add a new string in DNS search order, can someone please tell me
    how to add a new DNS suffix to DNS search order via DHCP. I need to push
    this to all of our client. I am trying to do this on a Windows Server 2003.

    Eldingo, Dec 18, 2009
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  2. Option 015 does give the Connection Specific suffix, however I agree the
    group policy option is better.

    The following article should help.

    Configure the DNS Suffix Search List for a Disjoint Namespace ...You can use
    the Group Policy Management console (GPMC) to configure the Domain Name
    System (DNS) suffix search list. In some Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 ...

    Ace Fekay [MCT], Dec 18, 2009
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  3. I haven't tried it, so I can't comment on it. But the GPO works nicely in a
    domain scenario with Windows clients. There must have been a reason Option
    119 functionality was left out.

    Ace Fekay [MCT], Dec 18, 2009
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