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Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by Chris, May 22, 2006.

  1. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Kinda strange, I have a dns suffix search order set in a gpo for 6 dns
    domains, when I do an ipconfig /all it only shows 5 and it will only resolve
    those five zones. If I try to resolved abc.123.com (123.com being the 6th
    zone) I get nothing. But I look in
    hklm\software\policies\microsoft\windowsnt\dnsclient in the searchlist key
    and all 6 are there. Anyone know of a fix for this... It is killng me,
    otherwise I will have to use hosts files, or should I just kill the order and
    let the DNS server do all the work since all of these zones are on all of my
    dns servers... This GPO changed in win2k3 kinda has me mixed up.

    Chris, May 22, 2006
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  2. Until today I thought that the maximum number of DNS suffixes a DNS client
    would resolve could be 5 but actually I must admit I'm ignorant. I've
    searched around and it seems like the maximum number is 50!

    I didn't find anything in Microsoft except an article that suggests not to
    use too many DNS suffixes because this would lead to too much network

    Jsifaq states that there is no limit to the number of entries in the
    configuration tab but that the resolver would only use the first 50 of them.

    The only article that could eventually help you (being the problem reported
    similar to yours) is this KB: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/818349/en-us

    Hope it helps.


    Carlo Cacciafesta, May 22, 2006
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  3. This would depend on whether you must have host name lookup in these zones.
    If these are zones for internet domains and not Active Directory or NT4
    resource domains you probably don't need to search the zones for host names.
    If however, they are AD or NT4 resource domains and you are using WINS for
    all the clients you might consider configuring each of the zones to search
    WINS for unknown hosts and have only the default domain in the search list.
    By using WINS lookups, most clients regardless of OS can use and register in
    WINS, whether they can register in DNS or not. When you do a hostname lookup
    in DNS, the DNS checks the WINS server for the host. It actually works very

    Best regards,
    Kevin D. Goodknecht Sr. [MVP]
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