Dns Text record Multiple lines via WMI

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by giovanni.freda, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. I am trying to create via .net wmi a text record to match one I have created via the DNSCMD tool.

    example dnscmd:
    dnscmd %computername% /recordadd %domain% queue._ipp._tcp TXT "qtotal=1" "txtvers=1"

    There is a space between "qtotal=1" "textvers=1" in the dns command call.

    however in the dns server the text record shows up like:


    but when you double click the record you get:

    again, I am trying to duplicate this record via wmi in .net

    I tried to use createinstancefrompropertydata method of text record, however nothing I passed for descriptivetext:

    "\"qtotal=1\" \"txtvers=1\""

    seemed to duplicate the output I saw with dnscmd. Has anybody ran into this before?
    giovanni.freda, Oct 11, 2013
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