DNS Trust Logon Issues

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by 2010, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. 2010

    2010 Guest

    I have a two way forest trust. I can browse files on external trusted
    domain controller(server A) but when I go to browse files on a external
    trusted member server(server B) I get a "no logon servers available" error .
    On internal domain pc when I do a nslookup by hostname to server A it fails
    when I nslookup and include suffix it is successful. Same with server B. I
    can ping both servers by hostname. I am using secondary zones to transfer
    records between trusts. I think DNS is not resolving by hostname for some
    reason and unless it is handed off to WINS it is failing. WINS also has a
    wrong IP listed from server from a multihomed NIC .
    2010, Oct 16, 2009
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  2. 2010

    Marcin Guest

    Make sure that domain members point to the DNS servers where one of these
    features were implemented as their primary DNS servers...
    Add dns suffixes for domains on the other side of the trust to members of
    the local forest...

    Marcin, Oct 17, 2009
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  3. I replied to this same exact post in the General newsgroup. For future
    posts, if you feel the post needs to be in multiple newsgroups, please
    "cross-post" and not "multi-post." It helps you and us. Crossposting allows
    the one post to populate multiple groups simultaneously and any responses to
    any one of them, will automatically populate all groups it was posted to.
    This way all you have to do is check one of them. Same with us. We can see
    what others have responded to that allows us a better chance to work
    together to assist you and not duplicate efforts.

    I realize you've posted using the web version. I realize it is difficult to
    crosspost using that method. If I may suggest, you can use a newsreader to
    access the newsgroups, such as Outlook Express (XP and older), or Windows
    Mail (Vista and newer). Access is free, and easier to keep track and watch
    your threads.

    FYI for others responding:
    Newsgroups: microsoft.public.windows.server.general
    From: =<>
    Subject: no logon servers available when connecting to most servers in trus
    Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 11:16:02 -0700

    Ace Fekay [MCT], Oct 17, 2009
  4. 2010

    2010 Guest

    When you say where one of these features were implemented do you mean the
    trust? There are new domain controllers here but the trust was not setup on
    those specifically. The trust was setup on different domain controllers
    whcih are now the backups.
    2010, Nov 19, 2009

  5. Just as an FYI, a multihomed DC, especially with WINS and DNS on it, or RRAS
    on a DC, problematic. The suggested recommendation by all engineers is to
    not multihome a DC. There are tricks to *force* a mulithomed DC to properly
    function, but I don't recommend the changes unless the DC absolutely must
    have two NICs. For the most part, I have not yet found nor have been
    convinced with a good reason the past 9 years, to multihome a DC. However,
    if you feel the DC needs to remain multihomed, please read the following for
    more info on why it causes problems, as well as a step by step procedure to
    make it work.

    As for browsing on a member server in a trusted domain, have the necessary
    permissions been applied on the member server to allow your account to
    access the server? Normally in a trusted scenario, the idea is to add the
    Domain Administrators group of DomainA to DomainB's Local Administrators
    group, and vice-versa. Same with the Domain Users to the Domain Local Users

    Also, whether you use Secondary zones or Conditional Forwarding for the
    trusted domain or forest, as Marcin said, you will need to add the other
    domain's suffix to all machines on your side that will access resources at
    the trusted domain. This will allow the client-side resolver service to
    'devolve' each suffix when trying to resolve a name. For example, a machine
    on domainA.com is trying to resolve a machine on domainB.com's domain called
    'machineB', which makes the FQDN of that machine, machineB.domainB.com, and
    the domainA machine does not have "domainB.com" set as a Search Suffix, the
    client side resolver will not be able to resolve machineB.domainB.com under
    the domainB.com beause the search suffix is not set to send that query,
    irregardless if domainA's DNS has a that zone or a thousand other zones on
    the machine. The search suffix tells the client to "try" that zone name as a
    suffix to add to the host name you are trying to resolve.

    Another suggestion is to setup WINS replication partners between the two
    WINS servers on each side. This way a single name NetBIOS name query can be
    resolved. In the above scenario, it would have resolved by WINS if a
    replication partnerhip existed.

    As for that member server, if their side has your search suffix, and WINS
    partnership in place, I believe it would have worked without a problem.

    Ace Fekay [MCT], Nov 19, 2009
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