do I need speciall setting to compile when installing win server 2003 DDK on win 2000?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Harry Potter, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter Guest

    the installation is successful but "unable to open handle on passthru
    I've been told that I have to use windows server 2003 DDK on Windows 2000? I
    assume this is correct?
    so then I went to this website
    and have download the ExtendingPassthru 1,2 and 3. it says the bases are
    passthru driver from

    now, I open the windows Server 2003 Checked Build Environment (once again on
    win 2000) command prompt and I go to the directory where I have the source
    file C:\d\Code\CProjects\TDI-NDIS\PCADev\NdisIM\PassThruEx\Part1\driver
    and run "build" command.
    I don't get any error and I get the passthru.sys created in a new directory

    then I follow the installation of the .sys on my win 2000 through the
    network properties...
    but when I run a test.exe I get the error that "Unable to open handle on
    Passthru device"

    if I build this sample passthru using NTDDK (windows 2000 DDK) then there is
    no problem I can install the .sys and run the test.exe and see that it opens
    passthru successfully and everything...

    so do I have to us win server 2003 DDK on Windows 2000?
    if yes do I need to do certain way of compiling????? what do I do wrong??
    could you help me please..... I would greatly appreciate your help.

    here is how I do the installation
    "Passthru is installed as a service (called "Passthru Driver" in the
    supplied INFs/notification object). To install, follow the steps below.

    Prepare a floppy disk (or installation directory) that contains these files:
    netsf.inf, netsf_m.inf and passthru.sys.

    On the desktop, right-click the My Network Places icon and choose

    Right-click on the relevant Local Area Connection icon and choose

    Click Install, then Service, then Add, then Have Disk.

    Browse to the drive/directory containing the files listed above. Click OK.
    This should show "Passthru Driver" in a list of Network Services. Highlight
    this and click OK. This should install the Passthru driver.

    Click OK or Yes each time the system prompts with a warning regarding
    installation of unsigned files. This is necessary because binaries generated
    via the DDK build environment are not signed.

    Two .INF files are needed rather than one because Passthru is installed both
    as a protocol and a miniport.

    For Win2K SP2 and WinXP, the Passthru sample no longer requires a Notify
    Object. The Notify Object has been removed.
    Harry Potter, Sep 30, 2004
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