Do not ope player - error 80040154

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by BASE, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. BASE

    BASE Guest

    What I need to download ,maybe codec
    BASE, Jun 1, 2004
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  2. "Class Not Registered" or Error 80040154 can have a few different solutions
    depending on what are you doing in WMP at the time you get it.

    Q: Do you get this while trying to play an AVI?
    Is so...You most likely don't have the right codec installed for that
    specific AVI or you have a bad install of the codec.

    Using a DirectShow decoding filter such as FFDShow will decrease the
    problems you could run into with codec problems. FFDshow will decode XviD,
    DivX 3/4/5, 3IVX, and has support for many other codec's. It can be
    downloaded at (Download ffdshow-20020617.exe and
    then run it's installer)

    If you just wish to install the individual codec's for your specific video
    or FFDShow doesn't support the codec for you file please do the following.
    - Download and use GSpot (
    - Run the installer, open GSpot, goto File>>Open.
    - Look for the 4CC code for the file's Video Codec
    - will help you.
    (Or post the information back here and I can help)
    -If you don't get audio, what codec does it use? GSpot also tells you this.

    If you have the correct codec installed and the video still doesn't play
    download GSpot and run your AVI though the program. If Gspot says "Failed
    to render", "Missing Chuck", etc. then your video file is corrupt.

    Q: Are you playing an MPEG/MPG file?
    If so...Please provide the following information in a reply to this post.
    -Does it only happen with a few MPEG/MPG files?
    -If so...It's most likely a file encoded with the MPEG-2 codec. To decode
    this you will need to install an MPEG-2 decoder. Follow the link to more
    -If not...Can you provide a link or more information about the file?

    Q: Do you get this while playing a file other than an AVI or MPEG? (Or All
    File Types)
    If so... will help you out.

    Q: Are you only getting this error for specific music files that you have
    If so...What file format and what version of WMP are you using? Please also
    include where you got the file.
    Chris Lanier [MVP], Jun 1, 2004
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