Do you have a Sony Vaio MCE?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by CJSnet, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. CJSnet

    CJSnet Guest

    Hi, I have a Vaio PCV-RZ which is identical to the Media Center Edition
    ("MCE") one. Mine didn't come with MCE but I installed it via my MSDN
    subscription, and bought a remote.

    All I'm missing now are the special drivers for the Sony TV Tuner/Capture
    card. Apparently the MCE Vaio comes with special updated drivers. They're
    not available yet at the Vaio Support page.

    Can someone here with the MCE Vaio please Zip and e-mail me the TV
    Tuner/Capture drivers. They're normally in a backup folder in the c:\ drive.
    I'm assuming it's the same card I have as they're all RZ-series machines. In
    Device Manager it's called "Sony TV Tuner (4830) WDM TVTuner" and "...WDM
    Video Capture". If I look at the PhTvTune.inf file in the driver folder, it
    mentions ASUSTek. The driver version of TVTuner is and Video Capture

    Thanks in advance! Please post a reply if you e-mail them, so I can look out
    and so nobody else needs to.

    E-mail to christian at the-simpson dot tv
    CJSnet, Oct 18, 2003
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  2. CJSnet

    CJSnet Guest

    I don't think the Vaios with the 7134 TV Tuner card have realtime hardware
    MPEG2 encoders. I have pulled out the board that I thought could be the
    encoder board, and it has a Ricoh R5C475II chip on it. A quick look at
    Google shows this is part of the PC Card reader's
    PCMCIA > PCI bridge.

    The only other cards in the machine are:

    nVidia GeForce 5600

    Agere Systems AC'97 modem

    The 7134 TV Tuner card itself only has one chip on it, and that is the
    Philips SAA7134 which the Philips site confirms does *not* do MPEG2
    encoding. It does however accept an external MPEG2 encoder board. However
    there is no other board in the machine, there is no MPEG2 device in Device
    Manager, and attempts to install the Sony MPEG2 Encoder Board driver from
    their web site fail saying the hardware is incompatible.

    This leads me to the conclusion that my PCV-RZ322 with 7134 TV Tuner does
    *not* have any hardware MPEG2 encoder, instead it is done by software.

    As MCE insists on hardware, I am therefore going to buy a new card and swap
    it. Problem solved, in a way. If you disagree, let me know. Quick!
    CJSnet, Oct 21, 2003
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