Do You Need A Different Driver For Different Computers To Print? Read This.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by jonathan perreault, Sep 17, 2007.

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    i had a problem while back with my printer. My dad wanted to use a different
    driver called HP DeskJet 970C series, because of that, i wasn't able to
    print on xp or vista. For some reason, only way to print was to use the HP
    DeskJet 970Cxi driver so what i did was created two printers on the host
    computer. One is for him, he's using the C Series Driver, The other one is
    the one that he shares on his pc, which is the cxi Driver.

    Here are the steps to have two different driver for one printer: I went to
    his printer changed the driver to what i wanted it to be, then used the
    wizard to SEARCH the driver that my dad wanted to use, DO NOT let windows
    search it for you, it will ruin what you are trying to do, so i manually
    selected the driver, then the port usb that the printer was connected to,
    finished the wizard, and voila two printers going to one printer, one is
    shared, one not isn't. It Should Work On All OS But It Worked With Vista And
    XP, if you have that problem, if it doesn't work then get rid of the one
    wanting to use the driver that doesn't work.

    Jonathan Perreault

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    jonathan perreault, Sep 17, 2007
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