Documented proof WHY Vista is such a piece of crap

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Adam Albright, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. I keep saying Vista is garbage, yet the doubting Thomas crowd pretends
    no, no it can't be true. So I decided to give the naysayers a real
    world simple example of how brain dead Windows truly is.

    These days I spend the lion's share of my time monitoring my
    investments. To that end I have an E-Trade account. I use the optional
    Market Trader platform which is Java based and allows a lot of real
    time data to be displayed.

    To make a long story short because of useless "security" the idiots of
    Redmond included in Microsoft's cheesy browser in order to get the
    E-Trade software to work correctly I needed to setup the links to my
    E-Trade account as a "trusted" web site or it will hang trying to run
    the Java software. On the surface setting up a "trusted" site is a
    simple enough task that you can find in Explorer's options.

    What's wrong, as is so common with all Microsoft crap is it simply
    doesn't work as advertised, in other words after setting up a trusted
    site the browser STILL won't trust it, resulting in endless nagging of
    do you WANT to trust it bullshit.

    So simply entering after setting it up as a
    "trusted" site following E-Trade's instructions,I get the following
    nag screen EVERY time I try to go to E-Trade's main web page:

    "The current web page is trying to open a web site in your trusted
    sites list. Do you want to allow this?"

    To get the Java features to work correctly I should get redirected
    automatically to but no I don't, not without
    first saying "yes" to the above nag screen which of course totally
    defeats the purpose of setting up a "trusted" site. If I try to go to
    the "trusted" URL directly I get DNS errors.

    My point? Well Microsoft, you blithering morons, if I jumped through a
    bunch of hoops to set up a TRUSTED WEB SITE under YOUR browser
    settings and you idiots acknowledge E-Trade is on my "approved" list
    of web sites I told it to TRUST the browser should damn it, "trust"
    whatever is listed in the trusted web site list and simply go to such
    a site without any further nagging about or phony bullshit "security"
    crap. Why are you forcing me to say yes to something that is already
    set up to be trusted? I know why, just more Microsoft stupidity,
    arrogance and useless nag screens that do nothing but annoy.

    After clicking yes I'm only at the default E-Trade web site page
    ANYONE can get to, I do not yet have nor do I expect to gain access to
    my account at this stage, I need to enter a user ID and password at
    this page as you would expect. So setting up a "trusted" site in
    Microsoft's cheesy browser is totally useless as far as being a
    trusted site is concerned since the browser doesn't really "trust"
    what you set up and still nags are you sure you want to do something
    you told it to always trust. MINDLESS!

    Using another browser, like Apple's Safari, I immediately get to the
    gateway E-Trade page, no nagging, it simply works.

    My point is simply this. Microsoft simply does NOT know how to write
    good software. This is but one example of sloppy useless code that in
    the end does nothing. Setting up a "trusted" web site doesn't in any
    way TRUST it, it only generates a useless nag screen asking do you
    want to trust something you already TOLD IT to always trust.

    Surprise is how UAC works. It only pops up nag screens. There is no
    real security with that either.

    Only the idiots software engineers at Microsoft are this stupid and
    Adam Albright, Apr 6, 2008
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  2. Adam Albright

    philo Guest

    Although it may be absurd...
    I guess it's better to err on the side of caution.

    Safari has recently been shown to be totally unsecure...
    so if I were going to do financial transactions I'd rather a browser have
    too much security than not enough.
    philo, Apr 6, 2008
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  3. What security? Its simply a useless click through nag screen. You
    comments illustrate my point. People are feed a line of bullshit and
    they accept it blindly without question.

    Microsoft claims to have a "feature" whereby you can tell their
    browser TRUST this list of web sites. Does it? No! What does setting
    up a trusted site in Microsoft's browser accomplish? Not a damn thing
    except to becomes a nag anytime you try to go to one of your "trusted"
    sites. THAT was my point.

    Listen up. UAC is the same thing. IT's just utter bullshit. UAC
    doesn't protect you. Defender doesn't protect you.

    As far as E-Trade, using Market Trader or Power Pro, both bypass the
    browser and use Java which while not perfect is far more secure than
    Windows coming from Sun Microsystems.
    Adam Albright, Apr 6, 2008
  4. Adam Albright

    philo Guest

    And you are surprised that Windows does things illogically ????

    Computers in a nutshell:

    Keyboard not present.
    Press F1 to continue.

    Network card not installed.
    Would you like to go online to find a driver?
    philo, Apr 6, 2008
  5. Adam Albright

    Little Billy Guest

    If you're such a big investor you should be able to afford numerous
    machines, keep XP on one of them. Or do like the Real investors and have a
    dedicated machine for that purpose only. E-trade? haha
    Little Billy, Apr 8, 2008
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