Does KB831201 have to be applied to all DCs if applied to even one

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Ed Randolph, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Ed Randolph

    Ed Randolph Guest

    I have several sites where clients are given a referral to a server across
    the WAN rather than the local site's DFS server. It is random and a reboot
    of the client will sometimes take care of the problem. The local server is
    readily available and the AD cost values are such that it should not be
    referring to another site . Yet for some unknown reason it continues to

    If I apply KB831201 to these sites, must I also apply it to all other site
    DCs. And if a site has multiple DCs must it also be applied to each?

    Also.... We have installed CISCO WAAS units in some sites and have seen
    some oddities in referrals in these sites. Do you have any documentation on
    how the WAAS device should be configured as not to interfere with DFS

    Ed Randolph, Oct 24, 2007
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