Does some one knows a good virus scanner that is just a scanner?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by PSiegmann, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. PSiegmann

    PSiegmann Guest

    I am looking for a good virus scanner that is just that: A scanner.

    I don't need a big suite that with an integrated firewall and
    background scanning and real time protection and what not. I don't
    need all these things since I patch regulary and don't allow every
    activeX applet to run and don't download dodgy software.

    With that practice I never caught a virus in in the last five years.
    (I run every four months a few online virus scanners just to be sure,
    and never got an alaram)

    I just need a scanner because sometimes I want to try some shareware
    and want to scan the installation file first. For that, I have
    currently AVG (free edition) installed but that thing comes with all
    that annoying real time protection baggage, I turned everything off,
    but it stills installs a special background service which needs to be
    active, without it, it won't even scan one single file.

    So, my current practice is to deactivate this service, until I need to
    scan a file, then I reactivate the AVG service, open up AVG, it moans
    and groans about all the deactivated background scan- and real time
    protection options yawwwnn... and only then I can scan finaly the

    So, all I want is just a scanner. with no services that need to run,
    no real time protection, no e-mail scanning no nothing. Just a scanner
    that I can fire up on will to scan a file sometimes.

    Does such a scanner still exists? Or did they die together with DOS?
    PSiegmann, Jan 3, 2009
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  2. I'd just continue using the online scanners if you are happy with that. I
    use them every couple of months or so, just in case. I find the ESET and
    Ewido (now AVG) online scanners to be the best ones. Do you know of any
    that you think are better?

    When you have any dodgy 'shareware' that you want to check, try this online
    scanner. It's good, as it uses all the popular scanning engines:

    Synapse Syndrome, Jan 3, 2009
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  3. PSiegmann

    none Guest

    Do you know what virus are probaly not. You can get a virus from just
    visiting a web site. I did a couple of weeks ago from Microsoft Download
    Center website but my virus software caught it and took care of it. So in
    this case you must not surf the web that much. And for your question i do
    not know of any scanners for just scanning feature.
    none, Jan 3, 2009
  4. PSiegmann

    rak Guest

    rak, Jan 3, 2009
  5. PSiegmann

    Kerry Brown Guest

    Clamwin does exactly what you want.
    Kerry Brown, Jan 3, 2009
  6. PSiegmann

    Alias Guest


    Alias, Jan 3, 2009
  7. PSiegmann

    measekite Guest

    When you install clam:

    How do you know it is working properly?

    How do you update on a automatic and regular basis the virus definitions.
    measekite, Jan 3, 2009
  8. PSiegmann

    CBoom Guest home edition (FREE)

    when installing do a custom install and deselect the services you don't

    you can also right click on the tray icon, and stop on-access services and
    set it so that it will not prompt you again to start them

    or as others said clamwin.. but I don't like clamwin..

    I would go with avast... and configure it as I say

    but have in mind.. you only need to get a bad virus once...
    CBoom, Jan 3, 2009
  9. PSiegmann

    Spirit Guest

    Avira can be installed as a On-Demand Scanner Only.
    Spirit, Jan 3, 2009
  10. PSiegmann

    PSiegmann Guest

    Ah, thank you for the suggestions guys.
    PSiegmann, Jan 3, 2009
  11. PSiegmann

    PSiegmann Guest

    "but have in mind.. you only need to get a bad virus once..."

    Yes, but all these real time virus scanners can tax the system
    ridiculously high. Especially Norton.

    Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. I think it's more sane
    to properly use the computer and not doing risky and stupid stuff with
    it, than to trust that much on bloated virus scanners that slow your
    system down like viri themselves.

    Using bloated real time virus scanners is like taking anti-biotics
    every day because you might get sick (imho).
    PSiegmann, Jan 3, 2009
  12. PSiegmann

    CBoom Guest

    I cant agree with you more...

    I never use NORTON or PANDA or any such monstrous "suites"

    In the end the CPU and disk is working all the time for antispyware,
    antivirus, firewall! We should dump everything and install linux if that's
    the case! lol

    where you don't need a firewall antivirus or antispyware.

    I too have searched everywhere for a fast and lite scanner for older

    the thing is that there is no such beast!.. at least anymore!

    because all these antivirus products need to be updated and remain "secure"
    they are constantly being "upgraded" the result is a slow sluggish system.

    I tried doing this with a bunch of legacy PII systems that we would
    donated... we needed an antivirus.. but all of them were just to heavy and
    bloated for the resident shield to run on.

    Try avast and turn everything off.. you might then try to leave on the
    single scanner "standard sheild" and see how it performs....

    Many claim NOD32 is fast.. but what I saw is that it slows down older
    computers more than Avast!

    I mentioned clamwin portable just extract it in a folder and
    presto! this can run from a disk too.. and it updates but I never really
    liked it much!

    see here

    ALSO you might consider using a WEB BASED scanner..



    but there are many other such online scanners...
    CBoom, Jan 3, 2009
  13. PSiegmann

    Peter Foldes Guest

    Peter Foldes, Jan 3, 2009
  14. PSiegmann

    CBoom Guest

    CBoom, Jan 3, 2009
  15. PSiegmann

    Mick Murphy Guest

    Malwarebytes is not a virus scanner!
    Mick Murphy, Jan 3, 2009
  16. PSiegmann

    Kayman Guest

    Yes, there are several scanners available for you to choose and no, they
    didn't die together with DOS.
    But beware:
    There aren't any 'good' on-line scanners out there!
    On-line scanners are the most unsafe and next to useless. Because by the
    time you've started your infected Windows and connected to the Internet via
    this infected code base, and start to look for scanning sites through
    infected DNS, you are almost certain to have the malware perfectly
    positioned to overrule your attempts to clean it. What happens if active
    malware is found? Don't expect that the on-line scanner will do anything
    about it. Most of them are just just marketing tools for selling you their
    products. Quite often, malware removal on the NT based OS (Win 2K and XP)
    is far from easy. Sometimes a (good) resident AV can deal with it in Safe

    Other reasons to stay away from on-line scanners are:
    1. You have to use IE on very low security setting - ActiveX is required.
    2. Many users will lower security in the Internet Zone to use the service
    and then forget to set the Internet Zone back to highest possible security
    - which is the only way that IE should be set.
    3.Scanning should be performed while off-line.
    4.Vulnerabilities in several virus scanners

    Also, according to Trend Micro, a surfer using a search engine such as
    Google, with a search string such as, ´free online virus scan by Trend
    Micro¡, can end up on a spoofed version of HouseCall by clicking the link
    returned by Google. Not surprisingly, the spoofed site informs users their
    computers are infected with malware, and then teases them to purchase a
    fake anti-virus application in order to remove the fake threat.

    'Stand-Alone' Anti-Virus scanning tools are *impressively better and
    safer*, because you don't have to be on-line to use them (they have no
    dependencies on using a web browser to perform their function), and they
    also can be used in Safe Mode.

    David H. Lipman's MULTI_AV.EXE directly:
    Malwarebytes© Corporation - Anti-Malware
    Note: "Malwarebytes actually performs better in Normal Mode" says Dustin
    Cook, co-author of MBAM.
    SuperAntispyware - Free
    Kaspersky® Virus Removal Tool
    Dr.Web CureIt!® Utility - FREE
    a-squared Free or a-squared Command Line Scanner
    BitDefender10 Free Edition (*NOT FOR VISTA*)

    Kaspersky® Virus Removal Tool, Dr.Web CureIt!®' the free version of
    Malwarebytes© and SuperAntispyware are not capable for real-time protection
    of your computer.
    Kaspersky® Virus Removal Tool, Dr.Web CureIt!® have no update feature (so
    they don't turn into full blown scanners). As soon as your computer is
    cleaned you are supposed to remove these tools from your operating system
    and revert back to your (updated) resident (real-time) AV application.
    Re: Kaspersky® Virus Removal Tool; To uninstall/move this program 'enable
    self-defense' must be unchecked!
    The free version of Malwarebytes© and SuperAntispyware have an update
    feature, keep them installed in addtion to your resident AV/A-S
    applications and scan frequently.

    To scan your computer with the most up-to-date Kaspersky® AVPTool and
    Dr.Web CureIT!® virus databases next time you should download new
    Kaspersky® AVPTool and Dr.Web CureIt!® packages.

    Good luck :)
    Kayman, Jan 4, 2009
  17. PSiegmann

    Kayman Guest

    "Malware is the term used to describe any and all malicious software,
    including viruses, Trojan horse programs, and worms."
    Kayman, Jan 4, 2009
  18. PSiegmann

    rak Guest

    Sorry for overacheiving.

    rak, Jan 4, 2009
  19. PSiegmann

    John Barnes Guest

    There are no viruses on the Microsoft Download website. If your software
    caught it, it was a false alarm.
    John Barnes, Jan 4, 2009
  20. PSiegmann

    Alias Guest

    There's spyware. It's called the Windows Genuine Advantage Tool, pure
    and unadulterated spyware.

    Alias, Jan 4, 2009
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