Does "Standard User" account allow for software updates?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by Don, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Don

    Don Guest

    Hello. I am buying laptops for 10 remote users. The laptops will be used
    only in a stand-alone environment, so no domain logins or group policies
    would be coming from a central server. I'd like to install all of our
    business related software as administrator and then prohibit the standard
    user account from being able to install any other software. I believe I can
    do this...but was wondering what happens when software updates / patches for
    various products become available - vista, office, acrobat, etc.??? Will the
    "standard user" be able to install these updates / patches without needing
    the Administrator password? Any other suggestions for locking down these
    laptops given our environment? Thanks.
    Don, Jan 12, 2008
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  2. Don

    handuy Guest

    handuy, Apr 18, 2009
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