Does Vista need to re-register/authenticate?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by Alex Chun, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Alex Chun

    Alex Chun Guest

    Does Vista Enterprise need to re-register itself or re-authenticate from
    time to time in order to continue to function properly? We need to send
    staff out to do extended field work, and I need to make sure their
    computers' OSs will work, even if they are off the Internet for six months.

    Also, can anyone provide a link to information on this issue at

    Thanks in advance.

    Alex Chun, Mar 6, 2007
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  2. Alex Chun

    Mhzjunkie Guest

    Alex Chun spewed out this bit, and i'll scatter a few bits myself:
    Has to hit the KMS server every 180 days, best I can remember without
    searching it up for you. You can also rearm for up to 90 days.

    Two different keys, Volume License Key (VLK) and Multiple Activation Key
    (MAK). Do your own work.


    1 PRINT "Windows Vista ERROR"
    GOTO 1
    Mhzjunkie, Mar 6, 2007
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  3. Alex Chun

    Jdr Guest

    Here you should find information on the topic;
    Jdr, Mar 8, 2007
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