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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Henry, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. As I indicated if you want to use Alt-Enter instead you just have to toggle that
    option I referred to. Doing that would reverse as well the effects of
    Ctrl-click and Ctrl-Shift-click.


    Robert Aldwinckle, Apr 16, 2007
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  2. Henry

    Henry Guest

    As I mentioned, your workaround does work, albeit a workaround and not a fix.
    I assume it's "broken", as it works properly in Vista with identical IE
    settings. Thanks again, Henry

    Henry, Apr 16, 2007
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  3. Henry

    Henry Guest

    A new perspective! How refreshing! I didn't consider that angle. I'm not
    running any of the software you mentioned with the exception of Windows
    Defender on the Vista boxes, but they work fine. All XP boxes are running
    Symantec AV Corporate Edition 10.0 / 10.1 (10.2 won't work on XP) while Vista
    requires Ver 10.2. I'll have to try that tonight. Have you heard anything
    about SAVCE blocking registry changes? Thanks Frank, Henry
    Henry, Apr 16, 2007

  4. I'm told that Symantec Corporate does not cause the problems that Norton
    does but I don't have any personal experience. You might want to check its
    options for Registry protection.

    I'm not sure which Registry entries Windows Defender protects, but I'm
    pretty sure the Home Page is one, although that might have changed since it
    bothered me.
    Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM, Apr 16, 2007

  5. What works properly? AFAICS you're looking for an enhancement:
    allow any arbitrary link to open in a new tab simply by using a left-click
    (with no keyboard modification.) Perhaps not having such an option
    may be viewed as a deficiency but nothing's "broken".

    E.g. unless the web site provides something to cause opening a link
    in a new window you need to do something extra to launch its links
    in a new tab (i.e. press Ctrl- or Ctrl-Shift- when clicking).

    Note that major search sites such as Google and Live Search
    already provide such option, so there is much less need
    for your proposed feature in some most frequently used cases.


    Robert Aldwinckle, Apr 16, 2007
  6. Henry

    KCB Guest

    His original post explained that when getting an email with multiple
    links, he couldn't get them to open in there own tab. He had to
    copy/paste into the new tab address window, etc... I'm sorry I don't
    have the post handy, but you can google it. Some of the MVPs replied
    with things to try, and I replied to him that, yes they should load into
    multiple tabs if his IE is configured properly ( I shared my settings
    which work the way they are supposed to). Well, it is set up correctly,
    but still not working. Now, he is checking to see if something is
    blocking the setting by preventing changes to his registry, perhaps a
    security program. I believe that to be a fair summary of the
    KCB, Apr 17, 2007

  7. Not in this thread. That modification to the problem statement happened
    in the reply to Mary and that (launching app is OE6) changes everything.
    My previous comments apply only to launching links from IE.

    Launching links from OE is a completely different issue because OE
    claims ownership of a tab just as it used to claim ownership of a window.
    At one time you used to be able to at least open new IE windows from OE
    by pressing Shift- when clicking (or pressing Enter) on links in its Message
    windows. In fact, some people say that they can still do that. YMMV.
    Also Jim Byrd used to suggest deleting the DDE Topic value as a means
    of forcing links to launch in their windows (e.g. simply by clicking or pressing
    Enter without any modifiers.) If that still works and if in IE7 it gets interpreted
    as opening a new tab instead of a new window that might do what this poster

    There are other examples where apps claim ownership of windows/tabs.
    The way to deal with them would be to clone the current contents
    in a new tab before the app can reuse the "named" window/tab.
    I don't think it's something that IE really has complete control over,
    regardless of what choices the user makes.


    Robert Aldwinckle, Apr 17, 2007
  8. Henry

    Henry Guest

    Robert, first I want to thank you and KCB for trying to assist me with the
    problem. KCB is correct on his understanding of the problem. Long story
    short ... email from OE with multiple links. On XP and Vista, click on first
    link opens first tab in new IE window. (Here's where story changes) On XP,
    consecutive link clicks reuse same tab in IE. On Vista, consecutive link
    clicks open in NEW tab in same IE. Both Vista and XP boxes have same
    settings in IE but act differently. Since they act differently, I assume one
    is "broken". Since I like the behaviour patern is in Vista, I call the XP
    behaviour "broken", hence I would like to "fix" the XP's IE to behave like
    the Vista's IE. While I used to be an MCSE (NT4), I'm aware a lot has
    changed. I still do well at common sense problems, trouble shooting skills
    (divide and conquer) and the like. DDE stuff and other things you mention
    seem to be more for the developer as opposed to the network admin/tech supp.
    Bottom line is ... If you were giving me a suggestion for something to try,
    then it went over my head. It shouldn't be this difficult. Same email, same
    hyperlinks, virtually same IE albeit different OS BUT same IE settings. Yet
    they act differently. If they are supposed to act differently, then I'm OK
    with that but I'd love to know why should they act differently and is it
    documented anywhere. (When I administered for a development team we called
    these "anomolies" "undocumented features"). The thing that really bothers me
    is that EVERY XP box I've tested exhibits the same bahaviour as all other XP
    boxes (assuming similar IE settings), and EVERY Vista box (admittedly only 3)
    I've tested exhibits the same bahaviour as all other Vista boxes (again
    assuming similar IE settings). Thanks again, Henry
    Henry, Apr 17, 2007
  9. Henry

    Henry Guest

    I'm going to try to find the time tonight to run msconfig and turn off
    everything SAVCE and then retry all options given by all the people that were
    so generous with their time and experience. Thanks again Frank, and if you
    get a chance please review the reply I left today for Robert Aldwinckle on
    this same post. Henry
    Henry, Apr 17, 2007
  10. (cross-post added to Vista Mail)

    Hold it right there. On Vista you aren't using OE. You're using something
    that was made to look quite a bit like OE but they aren't the same product.

    But it's not that IE is acting differently; it's WM acting more desirably than OE.
    That shouldn't be too surprising since it was a major rewrite of OE and in the
    process a number of deficiencies in OE had a chance to be addressed.

    Well, I have to thank you for a little bit of serendipity because I have finally
    found out why some users may claim that OE can open new tabs, instead
    of claiming "ownership" of one particular one, as I asserted.

    The secret would be that those users are using the OE Read option:
    Read messages in plain text

    Once I set that and actually click (no keyboard alternative in that case)
    on links with Shift-click I can consistently get OE opening *new* tabs
    in IE7.

    I personally hate that option for two reasons, the most important being
    as I indicated that keyboard use with its message windows is severely
    limited, so I never use it and it was only experimenting to try to answer
    these questions which made me see this "feechur". ; )

    Is that what WM is doing in Vista by any chance? If so, then perhaps
    both products *are* working consistently? <eg>

    BTW I have never used Vista so I'm cross-posting to Vista Mail
    in case someone there with real experience with that product wants
    to comment further.

    The only "suggestion" I was making was making was an implied experiment
    to see how well Jim Byrd's mod transfers to IE7. I haven't done it myself.
    I think that others may have but I haven't seen yet any reports which would
    say whether it would help you do what you want to do or not. E.g. for all I know
    it would still cause links to open in new windows, not new tabs, in spite of
    all the tab options being set otherwise. I may yet try it myself but I'm not
    promising to do so.


    Robert Aldwinckle, Apr 17, 2007
  11. Henry

    Henry Guest

    It's an epiphany! I sit corrected. WM has to be the cause/answer. While I
    admit that life got in the way yesterday and I wasn't even able to test any
    theories, I'm willing to bet that's the reason. I want to try playing with
    the OE Read option: Read messages in plain text. And just to make it more
    fun, I told myself after the "Vista / Office 2007 - Ready for a New Day" MS
    event that I want to make a concerted effort to get away from all my OE (home
    PC), Outlook 2000 (Work PC), and Outlook 20003 (Notebook) and move everything
    to Outlook 2007 (for familiarity, syncing, security, features, ...). Thanks
    again, I'll let you know how it goes.
    Henry, Apr 18, 2007
  12. Henry

    Sly McNasty Guest

    This helped me, perhaps it will solve your problem. I just programed the
    "wheel-click" on my mouse to "Ctrl". Now I use my middle finger to push
    down, clicking the wheel, and use my index finger to click on the link. It
    opens the link in a new tab.

    I got to this thread trying to find out how to make a DESKTOP shortcut that
    will open IE7 with four tabs, each to a different website. And, I do not
    want to make it part of my home page nor do I want to give up my home page.
    Any ideas where to find info on that?

    Sly McNasty, Jan 21, 2008
  13. Robert Aldwinckle, Jan 22, 2008
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