Don't waste your time with WMP10. Media Monkey is better and also

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by queenidog, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. queenidog

    queenidog Guest

    Well I fineally gave up on Windows Media Player. I had WMP9 which was problem
    free, but when 10 came out I installed it, the Beta version even. It didn't
    work. It wouldn't let me add any music files to the library, although iTunes
    and MusicJukebox worked alright. I wanted WMP because of it's features and
    user interface. Microsoft helped me fix the problem which was a corrupted
    profile. Very soon after rebuilding my library (150Gb) I noticed WMP was
    hanging. Specifically it would play 3-4 songs, then hang on the last one for
    3-4 minutes as if there was blank space at the end of the song. I'd kill the
    task because WMP would stop responding. Running it again and playing the
    same song it hung up on, worked fine. For another 3-4 songs. Searching and
    sorting takes forever. Column data isn't retained. (Microsoft says it's to
    improve the performance of the Player - that's a bunch of crap.) I HAD
    ENOUGH!!! I removed WMP10, installed freebie Media Monkey and it's
    everything I want, and better than WMP. Everything works and it's damn fast
    at sorting and IT KEEPS MY COLUMN parameters.
    I have lots of respect for Microsoft Inc, but they really blew it on WMP10.
    queenidog, Dec 25, 2005
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  2. queenidog

    Wurzelstix Guest

    Absolutely agree. Had same problem once before when my son, bless the little
    so-and-so, set up wm10 after being prompted to by a popup, which he thought
    was genuine and necessary. Eventually I found a solution here in the
    newsgroup forum which is why I'm here now. I re-downloaded wm9 and once
    installed, everything went back to normal. I think I'll have a look at that
    Media Monkey you mentioned.
    Good luck!
    Wurzelstix, Dec 25, 2005
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  3. queenidog

    queenidog Guest

    I don't think MediaMonkey does video, but for music, it's great. You can
    even get statistics on your library, and export to CSV file. There's also a
    way to prevent duplicate entries (eg 2 or more same songs from different
    albums), easily. Alll functions that WMP10 doesn't support. Oh yeah, when
    deleting a song from WMP, it would delete the entry from the harddisk without
    confirmation. In fact the entry would stay listed in the library list as if
    it had NOT been deleted! My WMP was installed in a new profile, had the
    latest version from Microsoft, XP SP2, and I'm an IT semi-professional. So
    it ain't me or my machine.
    Go to, an English company. I've since bought the Gold
    package for $20 extra.
    queenidog, Dec 26, 2005
  4. queenidog

    Wurzelstix Guest

    I copied this link from a reply to another query similar to yours.
    Dr Zach knows what he is talking about, but the answers do rather assume
    that technologically, you and I know what the heck he's talking about, too.
    I remember using this last time my son inadvertantly downloaded wm10,
    leaving me with the same problem you describe. On that occasion I was able to
    bin the hated wm10 and re-install wm9 which has never yet failed me. Now,
    however, the mighty MS corp has seen fit to stop us doing that. When you read
    the fixit, it jumps you to the previous line where you have to find and
    rename your media library. I have XP and all I did was to copy the filename
    including the %userprofiles% bit which renames itself to YOUR username
    automatically, NB you will have to re write 'microsoft' in the file name, as
    it is spelt wrongly in the copy. Then I opened 'search'. copied the filename
    directly, re-spelt microsoft as above, and it instantly found the library. I
    then right-clicked it in the search box to rename it, added the letter a to
    the end of the _219 bit of the filename and that's it. I opened up the media
    player and did the usual add to library by adding a folder, and it leapt into
    action immediately. In case you can't find the page the link sends you to,
    this is the corrected filename you need.
    "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media
    Good luck.
    Wurzelstix, Dec 27, 2005
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