No doubt some users will want to play some classic DOS games in Vista, as there are still some great DOS only games out there (even if they are over 10 years old!).

You have a few options to run DOS games, which we will list below:

1) You can try running the game from the Windows Vista command prompt, however it is quite likely that most games will not run in this environment. It is worth a try though as it requires no extra software.

To load the command prompt, run cmd from the run box (press WINDOWS KEY + R to access this). Click OK and a DOS box should open.

2) You can download an application for Vista called DOSBox, which is an emulator which will let you run many games and applications. This works well on Vista and there is a thriving community that can help you troubleshoot any compatibility problems.

3) The final option to try when the easier methods have been proved not to work is to create a Virtual PC using DOS as the operating system.

You can download Virtual PC from the Microsoft website (and it's free!). When you install this you are literally creating a virtual PC within the Vista operating system. You can install any operating system you like on it, reset it, create virtual hard disks etc... without effecting the core Vista OS.

When you have installed Virtual PC, you need to install DOS as the main operating system. Luckily Microsoft have provided DOS 6.22 as a free download. Extract these files and mount them as a virtual boot disk within Virtual PC, this will then let you install a virtual copy of DOS within Vista. This should run any DOS game you can find, as it is just the same version of DOS that was running on PCs 15 years ago.
Ian, Mar 11, 2008