Downgrading IE7 to IE6 kill SSL certs?

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by MichaelW - Melb.Aus., Jan 2, 2008.

  1. I have a potential issue that I want advice on - I inadveatantly upgraded to
    IE7 on our Terminal Servers (I have been holding on rolling it out for months
    and months now - but it happened), and now I have the developers telling me
    that they don't want it and want IE6 again (aparently there is some question
    on their programs not running properly under IE7).

    We use our IE to communicate to SSL-based encrypted services - which is all
    currently working.
    My primary worry is, if I downgrade this version back to IE6 - what will
    happen to the certificates etc that we currently use.
    I guess what I am worried about is each certificate that the Terminal
    Services user has is worth about $AU150 each... and if they are destroyed in
    any way - it could get quite pricey indeed (aside from the disruption to

    Therefore I am seeking assurances that by downgrading, our systems won't be

    Additionally, we have a critcal application that uses ActiveX hooks - and I
    am also worried if this will be affected (the ActiveX .dlls are written by an
    outside company).

    I will be testing this on a standalone system - and then a trial Terminal
    Server - but I am looking for anyone who might had any experiance with this.

    I personally want to stay with IE7 now we are there - only becuase we would
    have to do it again later anyway - but I need to gather information.

    Before I contact PSS I thought I would ask everyone here.
    MichaelW - Melb.Aus., Jan 2, 2008
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  2. MichaelW - Melb.Aus.

    Mike Guest

    Hi Michael,
    Would it be possible for you to export your certs to a file? (using

    Downgrading to IE7 should not cause a problem, but if you're concerned at
    least you would have a backup to reinstall.

    Mike, Jan 4, 2008
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  3. Yes.
    I did think of that - but when there are close to 70 users that access that
    server, and the only way to export them is to log on as each user and do it
    manually - unless you know a way to circumvent the policy setup for us user?
    I'm all ears),
    I would have to rely on users to do it...

    um... and let me ask the general IT communiity - is that a "good" thing?

    Thanks for your comment and yes I agree that is one method that might help.
    MichaelW - Melb.Aus., Jan 6, 2008
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