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Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by RANYC, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. RANYC

    RANYC Guest

    I am running Windows 2000 Version 5.0, and have attempted to download &
    install (as recommended by Windows Update) "Cumulative Security Update for
    Outlook Express 6 SP1 (KB823353)" on numerous occasions. It downloads
    correctly. It indicates that it was installed successfully. However,
    everytime Windows update scans for things to download & install, CSU for
    Outlook Express 6 SP1 is back on the list. It happens within minutes. The
    download log has all the attempts as successful. Does anyone know how to
    remedy this problem? Thank you.
    RANYC, Oct 12, 2005
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  2. RANYC

    PA Bear Guest

    See this KB article:

    A dialog box with no text appears if you reply to a news message in Outlook
    Express 6 Service Pack 1 (You may ignore the title)

    Also see this post of mine in a recent newsgroup discussion:

    For a reason yet to be determined, Windows Update was offering OE updates in
    the wrong order to Win2k SP4 and WinXP SP1 users. They straightened it out
    c. 14 Aug-05. Here's the fix:

    1. Uninstall 'Windows 2000 Hotfix - KB897715' via Add/Remove Programs and

    2a. Assuming MSOE.DLL is now v6.00.2800.1409 or earlier (i.e.,
    v6.00.2800.1123 or v6.00.2800.1106), install (KB)823353 manually using the
    file downloaded from

    2b. Optional: Reboot and install KB887797 via

    3. Reboot and (re)install (KB)897715 manually using the file downloaded from

    Alternatively, after #1 above, check in at Windows Update and install
    whatever OE Cumulative Update is now offered and reboot. Then return to
    Windows Update to see if another one's now offered you.
    PA Bear, Oct 12, 2005
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