DR plan needs to recover dynamic disks and mounted volumes

Discussion in 'Scripting' started by Systems Engineer, DR Planner, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Have serveral 2003 servers that use dynamic disks and mounted volumes.
    Recovery to another machine, ie DR plan to recovery company, has proven to be
    less reliable than Unix counterparts. Has anyone found a way to script the
    inventory of a storage environment in such a fashion that will allow the same
    or subsequent script rebuild the environment, even if it were on a different

    For example,
    A server with internal h/w RAID 1, and external h/w RAID 10. To the system
    it is disk 0 and disk 1. Both set to dynamic, operating system mounted on
    C:, and multiple mounted volumes mounted on under C:\Apps\xxx.

    The program/script needs to:
    + determine the OS is on drive 0 and that drive 0 is dynamic,
    + determine that dirve 1 is dynamic,
    + determine logical drive properties,
    + determine mounted volume properties,
    + collect all the above info and save to a simple file.
    + if recovering, verify drive 0 is adequate, if not dynamic, set and reboot
    + if recovering, verify drive 1 is adequate, if not dynamic, set
    + if recovering, recreate the logical drives if they do not yet exist
    + if recovering, recreate the mounted volumes if they do not yet exist and
    mount them

    The expectation is that this program/script would normally run regularly
    with backups, run autonoumously (ie not dependant on an AD or domain
    environment), to ensure reliable recoverability of the server environment if
    the OS was recoverable.

    Maybe I am blind, but I have had zero luck in finding this anywhere on the
    web and the MS KB. And maybe it is just me, but I would have thought that
    many people would consider recoving many (dozens) of application servers due
    to a disaster with a GUI is just looking for trouble.
    Systems Engineer, DR Planner, Apr 27, 2005
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