Drives mapped to DFS target appear in Internet Zone

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Philip Blow, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Philip Blow

    Philip Blow Guest

    I have DFS set up with a number of Windows 2003 file servers. I have added
    * and into the local internet zone via Group Policy. I
    am currently using IE7 RC1.

    When I open a drive that is mapped to a DFS link (e.g. S:\ is mapped to
    \\\data\shared) in Windows Explorer the security zone is Internet.
    However, if a network drive is mapped to a sharepoint site (e.g. T:\ is
    mapped to http://intranet/DocTemplates) and then opened in Windows Explorer
    the mapped drive appears in the Local Intranet zone.

    If I browse to the UNC path of the DFS link (e.g. \\\data\shared)
    then the security zone is Local Internet as it should be.

    I have attempted to add the drive letters into the Local Intranet zone using
    both "S:/" and "file:///S:/" but this causes the Internet Explorer
    Zonemapping Group Policy object to fail when it is applied and the drive is
    not listed in the Local Intranet zone list in the Security Options.

    With the mapped network drives in the Internet Zone opening an executable
    from the drive causes an "Open File - Security Warning" to be displayed.

    This problem was not previously happening in IE6 and when I reverted back to
    IE6 and the mapped drives are returned to the Local Intranet zone.

    Any help or suggestions with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    Philip Blow, Aug 31, 2006
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  2. Philip Blow

    Philip Blow Guest

    I submitted a bug report, but have had no response yet. Maybe if you submit a
    bug report via the Microsoft Beta Client Issue Reporting Tool we might get
    Philip Blow, Sep 27, 2006
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  3. Philip Blow

    Jojo Guest

    So... Has anyone found a solution to this issue?
    Jojo, Nov 21, 2006
  4. Philip Blow

    Philip Blow Guest

    Nope, not yet. I think that making some changes to the Internet Zone Mappings
    in Group Policy may fix the problem. I tried at one point and broke all of my
    existing IE6 clients, so backed that change out and can't remember exactly
    what the change was.

    I logged a bug with MS highlighting that IE7 did look at the Zone Mappings
    in the same way as IE6, but heard nothing back. Any suggestions would be
    greatly appreciated.

    Also, is there somewhere else that these problems can be posted to?


    Philip Blow, Nov 22, 2006
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