Dual boot system, XP won't boot

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by PB999, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. PB999

    PB999 Guest

    I have installed Vista on the second of my two SATA hard drives, XP is
    installed on the first, and was working fine up until now.

    Vista works fine, but now XP won't boot, it briefly shows the XP startup
    screen then immediately reboots the system.

    The boot order in BIOS has the XP drive first, then the Vista drive.

    I intend to move over to Vista full-time, but I still need to be able to
    access my old XP installation once in a while until it is all set up as I
    want it.

    Prior to installing Vista I had Ubuntu linux on the second drive, but I had
    so many problems with that (video drivers) that I gave up and went for Vista
    instead. It did cross my mind that maybe some part of GRUB has been left
    behind on the primary disk, but how would I find it and eliminate it?

    PB999, Aug 26, 2007
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  2. PB999

    peter Guest

    peter, Aug 26, 2007
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  3. PB999

    kenney001 Guest

    I had the exact same problem, only with both my vista and xp after
    linux. It appears it installs part the GRUB loader on your other two
    installations, but the main files are on the linux part. once deleted,
    the GRUB loaders on your partitions cant find the required GRUB loader
    files on your now deleted or removed linux.

    Stick in your XP recovery disk, or install disk, and it should say
    after loading to press R to load the recovery console. once in, just
    bootrec.exe /fixboot
    followed by
    bootrec.exe /fixMBR

    then type exit, and reboot your system....you should be allowed back
    into XP.
    kenney001, Aug 26, 2007
  4. PB999

    PB999 Guest

    Thats very true, but won't that process also kill the Vista bootloader?
    PB999, Aug 26, 2007
  5. PB999

    John Barnes Guest

    No. I would just type the fixboot and fixmbr without the rest. This will
    only write on the system disk, which is XP. Fixmbr shouldn't be necessary
    as you are obviously reading the active partition from the mbr (unless you
    are booting with the Vista disk in the DVD drive)

    John Barnes, Aug 27, 2007
  6. PB999

    Philip Baker Guest

    OK, well I tried that, and now XP boots fine, but as I wondered, I now don't
    get the Vista boot menu, so I can't boot to Vista.

    Can I just use Vistabootpro to re-install the Vista Bootloader?


    Philip Baker, Aug 27, 2007
  7. PB999

    John Barnes Guest

    Since you eventually want to boot Vista, I would first set the Vista drive
    as first in boot priority. Then run the Vista startup repair from the
    install DVD. Do you have a boot.ini file on your XP drive? Does your BIOS
    give you the opportunity to access a drive priority boot menu from POST. If
    so, and you don't expect to use XP often or for long, you can use that boot
    menu to boot as you will then have two independently bootable drives. If
    you want to have the Vista boot menu for both systems, then run the
    VistaBootPro the way you are currently set up and reinstall the Vista
    bootloader and if necessary add the XP system as a legacy drive entry.
    John Barnes, Aug 27, 2007
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