Dual Boot XP Pro x32 and Vista x64 on SBS2003 network

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by Stephen R. Gibson, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. I am testing a dual boot on a machine on a SBS2003 network.
    Both the 32-bit XP Pro installation and the 64-bit Vista installation went
    perfectly. Both appear to run just fine after the initial registration on the
    The problem is that the server wants to recognize just one machine and locks
    the operating system to the last machine registered. To clarify: I boot to XP
    Pro, give the machine a name and register it on the network. I then boot to
    Vista, give the machine a name and register it on the network, and SBS2003
    removes the machine name given under XP Pro and lists the VISTA name.
    This would all be fine, except that SBS2003 now lists the operating system
    as Vista even when booting to XP Pro, and network functionality is now only
    partial. Deleting the Vista machine name and re-registering while in XP Pro
    resets the OS assigned to the machine, and networking is once again fully
    Is there some trick that would get SBS2003 to recognize the XP Pro
    installation as one machine and the Vista installation as a different
    machine? Setting different static IPs on each installation perhaps?
    Stephen R. Gibson, Jun 26, 2006
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  2. Stephen R. Gibson

    UCD-IT Guest

    0. Yes use different IP's. Actually on a bit of a tangent I would highly
    reccomend the use of the DHCP server included with SBS2003. Static IP's
    should be for network aplicances such as printers, web servers, File servers,
    and DC's. A properly planned network can make you life WAY easier... But I
    1. If you are using the same workstation name across the two instances then
    that is your problem... When you add it to your AD you are resetting the
    workstations machine account with the info for the particular instance in
    question. So make sure they are using different Netbios Names (ie
    Workstation-XP and Workstation-Vista)
    2. You might want to run "sysprep" on your XP-32 instance. This utility is
    available from MS as a free download. This application is meant for those
    deploying an XP across a large network from a common OS image (prepared with
    Ghost etc) It will rerun the last couple stages of setup and reset your
    workstation SID ensuring that it is unique in your environment.

    Hope this helps
    UCD-IT, Jun 27, 2006
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