Dual Tuner w/ Digital Cable Set Top Box

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Brett Howard, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. Brett Howard

    Brett Howard Guest

    I've got a nice dual tuner card and I ran my system with out the set top box
    and really enjoyed having dual tuners!!! Now that I've gotten the set top
    box I'd like to take advantage of the extra channels but still "somewhat"
    take advantage of the dual tuners.

    Now I've read here and I realize that you can't have separate guides between
    the two tuners but that is not the case "fully" here. My digital tuner and
    my analog (RF) Tuner have the exact same channel lineup for channels 2
    through 71.

    So in my typing of this email I came to the revelation that I can use a VCR
    as a second "fake" set-top box. Now that I've figured this out the problem
    is that if I'm recording something over channel 71 I want it to use the first
    tuner but anything below channel 71 its ok to use the second one. Is there
    any way for me to pre-determine the tuner that is to be used for recording
    certain shows?

    At the moment I've not had any control over which tuner does what recording.
    Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated
    Brett Howard, Dec 29, 2005
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  2. Easiest method is to get a second set top box and use the AV inputs, rather than coax. There are utilities that will allow you to set the preferred tuner for recording

    http://www.salloway.org.uk/MediaCenter/util/#tuner by MVP Mark Salloway is one.
    Doug Knox MS-MVP, Dec 29, 2005
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  3. Brett Howard

    Brett Howard Guest

    This is a bit better but what would be much more convienient would be the
    ability to specifically set which tuner was used for each recording. I'd
    want to leave it as a default of auto select but on some shows (the ones on
    channels over channel 71) I'd want to be able to specify a certain tuner.
    Would love to know if anyone has a 3rd party application that would allow
    this. Even though I know that this third party app would have to be tying
    pretty tightly into MCE...

    Thanks for the pointer to that app though...

    Brett Howard, Jan 2, 2006
  4. Unfortunately, I don't know of any application of this type.
    Doug Knox MS-MVP, Jan 2, 2006
  5. I am also using a PVR-500 with a single digital set-top box. Is there no way
    to split the signal with one for analog and one for digital? Or if a 3rd
    tuner is installed am I limited to the same guide information for all 3? I
    found a way to limit the configuration to a single tuner with the dual card
    but I have not been able to find any way to configure one as a digital tuner
    and the second as an analog.
    Anthony Fario, Feb 9, 2006
  6. Media Center only supports two analog tuners, and the signal source must be the same for both (cable, OTA, etc.) and there will only be one instance of the Guide data for both tuners. There is no way around this in MCE 2005. You can add up to two HDTV tuners (OTA only) and the guide data for HDTV in your area will be added, with the HD channels starting in the 1000 range.
    Doug Knox MS-MVP, Feb 11, 2006
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