dual Vista boot with c: drive letter

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Andrea Michelutti, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. I would like to have two bootables copies of vista (this gives to me the
    possibility to make tests on the second partition without touching the first
    First of all I've installed the system on c: partition with everything I
    need (and it's a long work).
    At this point, with XP, I made a copy of the partition with Partition Magic
    and, modifying the boot.ini,
    I obtained two bootable OS that was alternatively renamed c: by the boot
    I've tried to copy the Vista partition with Acronis, then I've managed the
    BCD with Easy BCD but when I start on the second partition I've all system
    variables pointing to d: but the desktop and the programs still points to
    the first partition.
    With the suggestions of R. C. White I've understood that, installing a
    second vista copy from within the first one, creates exactly what I want
    (two bootable versions of vista that are renamed c: at boot).
    So the trick is possible.
    What I cannot reach is to make a copy (or a restore from a wim file) in a
    second partition and modify the bcd to get c: letters on the two vista
    Can someone help me in this?
    Andrea Michelutti, Oct 31, 2007
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  2. Andrea Michelutti

    flambe Guest

    Might it not be easier and more effective as a testing OS to install a copy
    of Vista as a virtual OS?
    Something malicious installed on either copy of bootable Vista could still
    take down your entire computer.
    flambe, Oct 31, 2007
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  3. Might it not be easier and more effective as a testing OS to install a
    This is a better idea than mine to obtain an "experimental" machine.
    In this days, I've studied VmWare and VMX Builder, discovering the possible
    uses of virtual machines.
    I've always thought to VmWare as a way to install different OS, but I was
    Thanks a lot, although I've not solved the problem, I've find a better way
    of working.
    Andrea Michelutti, Nov 6, 2007
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