Duplicate name exists on the network with cname record WITH EXCEPT

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by GuitarHero, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. GuitarHero

    GuitarHero Guest

    Alright. I know there is an article that explains how Windows server may pop
    this error to the client when using "aliases" or "cnames", but that article
    does not apply in this scenario, and I'm hoping somebody can reproduce this
    problem or know the answer.

    Here is an example of our problem:
    Domain: ca.something.internal.com
    Windows 2003 (sp1 or not) server: catorontfs01 (ca for canada, toront for
    toronto, fs for fileserver)

    Because of our global IT structure, we need to CNAME records for many
    servers (or websites).

    So, for the above server, if I create a CNAME record in the DNS server
    called "camainfileserver", and then on an XP machine attempt to access the
    shares using UNC path ("\\camainfileserver") I see the shares with NO

    Now, if I create a CNAME record called "bob" and try the same thing
    ("\\bob"), I get the "duplicate name exists" error. If I prefix the letters
    "ca" to "bob" to make "cabob" and try ("\\cabob"), it works!!!

    What is going on? What is so special about the letters "ca" in this
    situation? I know it must have something to do with the FQDN, because we
    have another domain called "dmz.ca.something.internal.com", the problem also
    exists (but this time, our CNAMES must be prefixed with "dmz.ca?????"
    example: "\\dmz.cabob"

    I have never seen anything like this. Why would a CNAME alias work
    against any server in our environment as long as we prefix the name with "ca"
    (and any other corresponding prefix if available)?

    I believe this is a problem on the server side (and it occurs on ALL our
    servers, regardless of service pack). The problem can be recreated in any
    domain, even using the "hosts" file on an XP client (so nothing to do with
    DNS server).

    Are we losing our minds?
    GuitarHero, Nov 27, 2006
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