DVD/CD isnt recognized by DVD/CD-RW drive

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by ZypheX, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. ZypheX

    ZypheX Guest

    Hello, for some reason, my CD/DVD drive will not recognize empty discs, so
    giving me issues burning Vista with Alchohol 120%. It works fine, because it
    reads my other CD/DVD's. I am probably gonna get some new CD-RW's to retry,
    but any suggestion/help on this issue?
    ZypheX, Sep 16, 2006
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  2. ZypheX

    Michael D Guest

    You need a DVD writer. Vista is large big (2.5 gig) to write to CDs.
    Michael D, Sep 16, 2006
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  3. ZypheX

    ZypheX Guest

    ZypheX, Sep 17, 2006
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