DVD Drive Dissapeared! Help Please!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by peanut, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. peanut

    peanut Guest

    Alright, here is the problem, my DVDRAM GSA T20L ATA Drive ha
    mysteriously disappeared! I have tried to fix the problem for days no
    (long nights too.) I read in many helpless forums that it has to do wit
    iTunes and other Apple Software. True, I did install iTunes but th
    Drive was still accessible. Others say it has to do with some "Filters
    in the registry, tried three different methods and followed th
    walkthroughs to no avail. My situation is peculiar however, the Driv
    shows up in Device Manager as working properly BUT it does not appear i
    My Computer...so...what?! I have tried the obvious, uninstalling an
    disabling and restarting, nope, nothing. I'm stuck and i dont know wha
    to do anymore! I'm on a ASUS G1Sn Laptop Running Windows Vista Hom
    Premium 64bit. If anyone knows how to fix this please give me a hand
    Thank you all in advance! :
    peanut, Aug 3, 2008
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  2. peanut

    Peter Foldes Guest

    Peter Foldes, Aug 3, 2008
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  3. peanut

    peanut Guest

    Yea, I've seen this document a couple of times and did all the steps an
    nothing happened. I'm really stuck with this one, if anyone has fixe
    this before then please let me know. Thanks in advance. :confused
    peanut, Aug 4, 2008
  4. peanut

    peanut Guest

    Ok so..here's how I did it. Instead of uninstalling the Drive, I only
    Disabled it, then restarted. After restarting it didn't show up, of
    course, so then I decided, hey I'm a 19 year old technologist, i can fix
    anything, soooo then...I simply went to computer management and renamed
    the drive "E" (same as it was just wast being recognized) and tada!
    Fixed, hope this helps anyone with the same problem! And thank all of
    you who read and replied. night night. *goes of too sleep (11:19 PM)*
    peanut, Aug 4, 2008
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