Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by cras, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. cras

    cras Guest

    I 've just purchased a computer with Windows Vista Preinstalled. which came
    with a Samsung Writemaster DVD-RW
    I use it with almost all my cd's and dvd's, but when i tried to read a
    couple of Sony cd's where i have stored MP3, the computer would freeze. The
    same happened when i tried to open a "Teltron" CD with word documents and
    when i tried to run DOOM 3.
    As i had another DVD Writer (Asus DRW-1608P3S) installed in a WinXP
    computer, working OK and that reads the same CD's, i tried to install it on
    my WinVista Computer. Doom3 didn't work anyway, the teltron CD's wasn't read
    and with the Sony MP3 CD's, it 'detected' that the CD's had 603 MB written on
    it but it doesn't show the content, and it delayed a lot to read the amount
    I tried everything, please help!
    cras, Apr 22, 2007
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  2. Sounds like the CDs in question are damaged. If they don't work in two
    different computers it's very unlikely that the problem is in both
    computers. I'd suspect the CDs are damaged and the contents are likely lost

    Richard G. Harper [MVP Shell/User]
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    Richard G. Harper, Apr 22, 2007
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  3. cras

    Beemer Biker Guest

    That frequently happens when the manufacturer has not done extensive
    testing. Usually older cd or dvd devices cannot read newer media but
    sometimes vice-versa. A new firmware release can frequently solve the
    problem. Get the exact model number from your Samsung Writemaster and see
    if there is a firmware update here:
    If you have nero burning rom then use infotool to determine the current
    firmware version. Be aware, that if you install the wrong firmware, your
    burner may no longer work.

    Joseph "Beemer Biker" Stateson
    http://ResearchRiders.org Ask about my 99'R1100RT
    Beemer Biker, Apr 22, 2007
  4. cras

    Plato Guest

    Often MP3s you've downloaded contain "non-dos" filenames which creates
    problems just like you have and also problems backing up mp3s.
    Plato, Apr 23, 2007
  5. I'm having this exact same problem on a Vista Home Basic system (a Compaq)
    that I just bought today. I had everything backed up from my old machine on
    Tevion CD-ROMs. Four of them were readable. The others aren't. They work
    in any other non-Vista machine I've tried. They're not dirty, I don't have
    outdated drivers, it's not a firmware issue, and the drive will read all
    commercial discs I've tried so far, so please, with all respect, don't bother
    with such nonsensical replies. This has to be a Vista issue and there has to
    be a fix for it somehow. Surely someone out there has the answer to this,
    since a cursory glance at this forum proves I'm not alone.

    BTW: My next computer purchase will be a Mac. This is the straw that broke
    the camel's back as far as I'm concerned.
    JustinTheBull, Jun 23, 2007
  6. cras

    Not Me Guest

    I have a machine that won't boot from any of 12 different genuine MS XP CDs.
    But it will boot from a copy of any of them.
    I suspect it's something setup by the manufacturer to prevent you from
    installing any way but from the restore disks.
    The CDs boot in other machines and are read by this machine once XP is
    Not Me, Jun 23, 2007
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