DVD Drive: Successful burn, but no data, still blank disc

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by rohith, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. rohith

    rohith Guest

    Hello Friends

    I am on windows vista, my dvd writer is a TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L632N ATA Device. I tried to burn disc using this and its telling successful burn by using windows default burner

    And after that i re inserted my disc and and tried to view the contents, but its blank disc and again asking for format the blank disc. Earlier i have formatted the disc by clicking 'Show formatting options' and choose 'Mastered'. Because before this i have tried with Live File System disc and got a message like 'Windows cant format the disc'. And thus i tried this method

    I have tried with nero8 then. There also shows that burn success ful to my disc. And happily i re inserted the dvd and shows blank disc

    I have tried these steps for different manufacturers dvd and again badly the same result. And Then i have checked my status of updates of my drive and its shows me that its up to date

    The result is have lost my some dvd's but didnt gave my data

    I have write some months ago by using this. And that was successful

    Can any one help me out for this??

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    rohith, Nov 26, 2008
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  2. rohith

    Andy Guest

    Try burning with verify enabled.
    Andy, Nov 26, 2008
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  3. I ruined about 10 DVD's before I realized that my burner had gone bad. Got a
    new burner for about $40.00 and everything is fine - without any
    changes/adjustments to the operating system.


    Richard Urban
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows Desktop Experience

    in message news:...
    Richard Urban, Nov 26, 2008
  4. rohith

    hafizahmad Guest

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    hafizahmad, Dec 3, 2008
  5. rohith

    Fred Guest

    I found your name in my kill-file this morning and couldn't remember
    why I put it there - so I removed it.

    NOW I remember!
    Fred, Dec 3, 2008
  6. rohith

    russmeister Guest

    i know i am a newbie but if you format the disk first then isn't i
    useless after that. May sound stupid but i'd like to know if i need t
    be formatting any DVD before i burn them
    russmeister, Jan 4, 2009
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