DVD drives unstable and / or crash the system since Vista upgrade

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by amydad, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. amydad

    amydad Guest

    I haven't seen this problem in any of the other posts.
    I was able to fix most Vista problems after the upgrade to home premium from
    XP, but a big one remains:
    Both of my DVD drives will either make the system unstable and crash,
    eventually causing me to have to turn the power off to reboot, or go to a
    blue screen for an immediate crash when I put just about any disc in either
    drive (including Microsoft). However, it will play factory DVDS and I was
    able to use the drives for Roxio DVD creation (version 9 of Easy Media
    creator, which has Vista drivers). I know that everyone is thinking that the
    problem might be with Roxio / Sonic old drivers, but I covered that.
    I called HP, my computer's manufacturer, and they thought it might be the
    DLA driver. I got guidance from Roxio and virtually removed all Roxio / Sonic
    program and drivers from my system, indcluding the registry, no luck. Still
    the same problems.
    I even upgraded my DVD drives (I had planned to do that anyway), currently I
    have HP dvd 1040i in both bays. Still the same
    Any thoughts or experience?
    Thanks in advace
    amydad, Aug 18, 2007
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