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Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by reallyone, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. reallyone

    reallyone Guest

    Want to rip DVD to all sorts of video files and extract DVD audio to
    various audio files on your Mac Book? iSkysoft '*DVD Ripper for Mac*'
    (http://www.dvd-ripper-mac.com/) is specially designed for Mac OS users
    to rip DVD to any video or audio format with powerful functions.
    iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac has excellent output quality and rich video
    settings. And it is one of the best powerful Mac DVD Ripper. Now,to rip
    DVD to sorts of video files on Mac OS, you only need to follow the
    steps below:
    Step 1: Add DVD Movie
    Click the Load DVD button, browse your computer, find the DVD folder of
    the movie you want to add from your hard disc or DVD-ROM, open your DVD
    folder, select the VIDEO_TS folder and click OK.
    Or, click the Load IFO button, browse your computer, find the DVD
    folder of the movie you want to add from your hard disc or DVD-ROM,
    open your DVD folder, open the VIDEO_TS folder, select all the IFO
    files and click OK.
    After you add your movie, you can choose any titles or chapters that
    you want to convert by ticking the check boxes before them.
    Step 2: Output Settings
    At the bottom of the main window, you can name the output file for the
    current title/chapter, and select a subtitle to put on your movie,
    select an audio track. Then finish all the settings including selecting
    an output format, clicking the Settings button to set the video and
    audio encoding settings, choose if to merge the selected titles or
    chapters into one file, and set an output directory to save the output
    Step 3: Start Conversion
    After setting the output settings, you can just click the Convert
    button to start converting your
    Movie. You can choose to shut down your computer or open the output
    folder after conversion so you don’t have to sit before your computer
    waiting for the conversion to finish.
    Advanced Options
    If you want to edit your movie before converting it, iSkysoft DVD
    Ripper for Mac provides your with various powerful functions including:
    1. Trim DVD Title or Chapter
    If you want to capture a clip from the current title/chapter, you can
    click the Trim button to open the Trim window and trim the current
    title or chapter by dragging the Start Time slider to set the start
    time, and dragging the End Time slider to set the finish time.
    2. Crop DVD Video
    If you want to remove the black edges or just convert an area from your
    movie video, you can click the Crop button to crop the video of the
    current title or chapter. You can specify an area
    either by dragging the frame around the video or setting the crop
    values: Top, Button, Left and Right.
    3. Video Effect
    If you want to adjust the video effect of your movie, you can click the
    Effect button and drag each effect adjustment slider to set the video
    brightness, contrast, saturation and video volume. You can also choose
    a special effect from the Effect drop-down list to apply to your movie.


    '*Mac DVD Ripper software*'
    reallyone, Mar 9, 2008
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  2. I'm sure this is all very interesting - but why didn't you post it to
    the windowsmedia.mac newsgroup ? This is entirely the wrong group.

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], Mar 9, 2008
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  3. Please please please Neil, don't make him/her post it there.
    It's not even related to WMP at all... (even WMP for Mac).

    *and* there are numerous alternative anyway. As far as I am concerned,
    this is just pure spam :->

    A similar post has been posted on the DivX forums actually and users
    reported that the application is simply non-functional anyway :->

    Corentin Cras-Méneur, Mar 10, 2008
  4. reallyone

    dave345 Guest

    Want to convert your DVD movies for iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP and a
    lot more mobile devices on Mac operation system? 'Wondershare DVD
    Ripper for Mac' (http://www.mac-dvd-ripper.com/mac-dvd-ripper.html) is
    a great solution for Mac OS users who want to convert their DVD to
    almost all video formats for most popular mobile devices, complete with
    options to select DVD audio track and subtitle, crop DVD video, trim DVD
    length, and set video effects and so on. To rip a DVD movie, you can
    download Wondershare DVD Ripper for Mac and follow the steps below:
    *Step1: Import DVD Movies*
    Click the Load DVD button, select the folder of your DVD movie, and
    click OK. If the movie is on your disc drive, you can just select the
    drive and click OK. Or click the Load IFO button, open the folder of
    your DVD movie, and you will find two folders in it: AUDIO_TS and
    VIDEO_TS. Open the VIDEO_TS folder, select all the IFO files, and then
    click OK. After the movie is loaded, you can see all the chapters and
    titles in it, and then you can check the ones you want to convert. If
    you want to convert the whole movie, you can just keep all the titles
    or chapters checked.
    *Step 2: Output Settings*
    After your DVD movie is loaded, you can start to set output settings:
    *1.* Select an output format from the Format drop-down list. Just
    select an format according to the device you want to put
    *2.* Click the Settings button to set encoding settings including video
    resolution, frame rate, bit rate and video encoder, audio encoding
    settings including sample rate, channel, bit rate and audio encoder.
    *3.* Name each title/chapter in the Output Filename field, and select
    the subtitle and audio track for the titles/chapters.
    *Note:* You can check the “Merger into one file” option to join all the
    selected DVD titles/chapters into one file instead of creating a
    separated file for each title/chapter.
    *Step 3:* Click the Start button to start the conversion. And all you
    need to do now is to wait for the conversion to be finished. The
    remaining time will be shown on conversion window for your reference.
    *Tip 1: Trim Movie*
    If you just want to convert a clip from your DVD movie, you can click
    the Trim icon to capture a clip. In the Trim window, you can trim the
    length of the current title/chapter by either dragging the Start Time
    and End Time sliders or setting the time parameters in each
    corresponding field.
    *Tip 2: Crop Video*
    If your DVD video has black sides, you can use this Crop function to
    remove them. Click the Crop icon to open the Crop window, and set the
    video crop area by dragging the crop frame or setting the four crop
    parameters (Top, Bottom, Left and Right).
    *Tip 3: Movie Effect*
    If you want to change the original video effect, you can click the
    Effect icon to set the video brightness, contrast, saturation, and even
    audio volume. You can also choose to apply a special effect to your
    movie video from the available effects including Gray, Emboss and
    dave345, Mar 20, 2008
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